Enrique Petris for Oxnard City Council

CandidatesCornerMy name is Enrique Petris and I’m running for Oxnard City Council. I’m a long time resident of Oxnard. I was born in Mexico and emigrated to the U.S. in 1968. I was raised by a single mother and grew up in the public housing projects in “La Colonia” neighborhood. In spite of me working at two jobs, our family also received public assistance.

I attended Channel Island H.S., Ventura College, UCSB and I hold a Masters degree in Public Administration from Cal State University, Los Angeles.

I want to be your new councilmember for several reasons:

One, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT- Economic growth in Oxnard has not been evenly divided between the North Side and the South Side of Oxnard. This uneven economic growth has happened because the current councilmembers live in the North Side  and are totally bias against the South Side in general and the Rose Park and la Colonia areas in particular. How do we fix this bias against the South Side? I have several solutions. (a) we should elect council members by “Special Districts.” the North Side will elect three and the South Side two councilmembers. I guarantee you with this election arrangement, public resources will be distributed evenly and the resulting economic growth would be shared evenly. (b) We should have “Term Limits” in Oxnard. The mayor would serve no more than 6 years and councilmembers no more than 8 years. One of the major benefits of “Term Limits” will be to give the citizens of Oxnard fresh ideas, members with new social and economic backgrounds, and perspectives to meet the challenges.

Two, LAW & ORDER-  I have a plan to decrease the crime rate in Oxnard. the City Council needs to arrange a meeting with the Police Chief and ask the Police Chief to submit a plan or strategy on how to reduce the crime rate with specific timeframe. if the crime rate is not reduced, the I would do the following: (a) cut the police department budget by 1/3. If this does not get the Police Chief motivated enough to work harder at reducing the crime rate, then I would recommend to the City Manager to terminate the chief’s employment contract or “fire” him and replace him with a competent chief. (b) If the crime still is not reduced, then I would recommend “abolishing” or “dismantling” the Oxnard Police Department and replace it by contracting out to the Ventura County Sherriff. One major benefit of abolishing the police department will be to reduce the already elevated employee labor and pension costs. the saving from this alternative would be used to support economic growth policies throughout the city.

Three, CITY CORRUPTION & MISMANAGEMENT OF PUBLIC FUNDS- I want to be the new councilmember who is going to stop corruption and watch more closely how public funds are spent. (a) I’m recommending the establishment of a “Financial Oversight Committee” composed of citizens from North, South, East and West of Oxnard. their main function is to review on a monthly basis the revenue and expenditures from the city. In addition, pass a stronger ordinance denying any public official charged and convicted of financial crime, public funds to defend themselves in court. (b) I will recommend that the salaries, pensions, car allowances and other perks be tied to the performance of city goals accomplished. In other words, if the city is in the “red” or is having financial difficulties, then the Mayor and City Councilmembers salaries, car allowances, pension should be reduced by 1/3 so the pain is felt not only by the citizens but by those elected officials who made those decisions. Remember, people get involved in politics to make a difference and contribute for the betterment of all. if high salaries, car allowances and other perks are reduced and are rejected by elected officials, then these people are in for the money and should resign or not run for re-election.

Help me make history this year by electing me your new Oxnard councilmember. I will work for you so that you, your mother, your husband, your daughter, your son can enjoy the outputs of an Oxnard economic power engine. This economic power engine is possible and will become a reality once you elect me. My election will bring hundreds of new high paying jobs to assist families headed by single mothers, young people, and senior citizens will receive the attention the city has been ignoring for too long. ” Lead with me”.   

Enrique Petris

Enrique Petris


Editor’s note: this is the candidate statement we ran when Mr, Petris ran in 2016


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