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    You may not be facing (yes, “FACE-ing”) the militant discrimination we suffer here in California, but trust me, it may be coming to a state near you, because California seems to be the test-case for the rest of the country.

    Many of the thousands fo inquiries I get have to do with people being discriminated against because of their bare face.

    I’ve been teaching people how to shop mask-free for nearly a year, and here are some simple steps you can take to get your groceries without capitulating with the self-suffocation device.

    (Note: In this video, I give a shout-out to one of my sponsors, who saw value in my message and offered to partner with me so I could keep doing this important work and reach more people. For those who want to see my videos without paid promotions, sign up for my private video platform, to launch on March 1st! You get 100% ad-free, censorship-free, exclusive content! Details coming in the next newsletter.)

    Why I don’t wear a mask or bow to evil

    Many of you wrote to say how much my video from this past Sunday impacted you, so here it is again for those who may have missed it.


    And be sure to share this important, encouraging video with others who need it.



    Coming up on Monday, March 1st will be a livestream class — and YOU are invited!

    In the next newsletter, I’ll share the details on how you can join the livestream class on youtube, at 3:00 pm Pacific.

    This class will be interactive, where I can answer questions and give you direction on how to understand your state laws that protect your rights — and what to do to defend those rights!

    You’ll learn:

    • The difference between a statute, regulation, order and ordinance
    • Are executive orders the same as a law?
    • What exactly is a mandate and do you have to follow it?
    • Are the health orders enforceable by law?

    This is the perfect follow-up for those who have gotten their state laws.

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE as we get these laws out to you!

    Click here to order the laws for your state

    You can use this as a handy reference to educate yourself and others on your rights and how to defend them.

    NOTE: These are not the “health orders” — which change frequently. (The public servants do on that purpose to create confusion, doubt and fear.)

    These are the state and federal laws that protect you against discrimination; that explain the laws that businesses are violating when they prevent you from entering (unlawful restraint; practicing medicine without a license: harassment, etc.)


    Do you need a personalized religious exemption letter for your employer or school?

    When you request your personalized letter here be sure to write in the comment box the full name you want the letter to include, and whether it is for an employer or school.

    Pastor David will provide you with an “Attestation of Faith” letter that explains that masks, testing and vaccines are a violation of your religious beliefs.

    Please allow 24-48 hours for the letters to be emailed to you.


    Where to find me

    THE HEALTHY AMERICAN (main youtube channel)

    LIVING SWELL with Peggy Hall (back up channel on Youtube)



    New Private Video Platform — LAUNCHES MONDAY MARCH 1st!

    Censorship is another powerful tool of the enemy. My main mode of communication is through my videos.

    To protect my content — and my ability to speak without being censored — I will be launching my own private video platform, hopefully next week!

    Yes, I will always have free content available on social platforms as long as I’m able. The private platform will have additional, exclusive content that is ad-free and censorship-free. There will be a nominal fee for those who want access to the private platform as I am charged for this service, but it is worth it to me to keep the content safe, secure and censor-free. I will always strive to exceed the value of your investment.

    STAY TUNED FOR THE LAUNCH AND SIGN-UPS! Can’t wait to see you “on the “inside!


    Save the Dates!

    Saturday, Feb 27: American Liberty Forum

    Come see me in person in Ramona, CA


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