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The United Nations Has Plans For You And AFA’s Michael Greer Is Reporting Back From to Kuala Lumpur to Tell Us About Them
SUNDAY, MARCH 4th from 2-4 PM
Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel

Author, Activist and AFA Vice President and Fellow, Michael Greer

Most of us are busy getting our kids to school, getting ourselves to work, paying our bills and living our lives, completely unaware that in remote areas of the world (January Davos, February Kuala Lumpur) the elites, the “smart” people, are meeting to decide our fate. They are deciding how we can live, where we can live, and how much we’re allowed to have. They fly around in private planes, stay at five star hotels and eat lavish meals while discussing how to ration our access to the same. The rest of us have no seat at the table. Apparently, we’re just not smart enough to know what’s good for us.
The American Freedom Alliance’s Michael Greer, together with CFACT, travelled to the other side of the world early in February for the UN Habitat 9 Conference to make sure “the people” have a seat at the table. UN Habitat aka the World Urban Forum has been convened by the United Nations Human Settlements Program since 2002 (Ten years after 173 nations signed Agenda 21). The topic is the “New Urban Agenda”. From their own website
“The New Urban Agenda is a truly universal agenda, concerning people from very different walks of life. 22.000 participants from 165 countries, among them more than 100 Ministers and Deputy Ministers, debated concrete implementation steps and how to work together building the Cities 2030, the Cities for All.” 
Does this give you the chills like it does me?  

The Program said the focus would be on “Cities for All” as a tool and accelerator for achieving the UN’s Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. Discussions were on “Sustainable Urbanization,” “Sustainable Urban Development, Social Inclusion and Ending Poverty”. And that was just the tip of the terrifying iceberg.

Join us March 4th at the Luxe Hotel from 2-4 to hear Michael Greer’s report on what the UN is planning for you, and which the media does all it can to conceal from us.

AFA’s events are great opportunities to meet others with the same concerns, intellectual curiosity and hunger for informed and stimulating conversation, not to mention the chance to meet courageous activists like Michael.  We hope you join us for an engaging afternoon.  Tickets are $25

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2-4 PM

Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel
11461 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90049 

We look forward to seeing you there!

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