Bill Whittle Headlines American Freedom Alliance 3rd Annual Summer Picnic in Moorpark! Get Your Tickets!



Join us for our THIRD ANNUAL SUMMER PICNIC this September 9th at Eden Gardens in Moorpark.

Our special guest is Brandon Straka, the #WalkAway guy – come meet him and hear his story, while you enjoy a lunch provided by the Grilled Cheese Truck! Sounds like a PERFECT afternoon!


The American Freedom Alliance invites you to our THIRD ANNUAL Summer Picnic!

Join other AFA members and friends for an afternoon of food, fellowship and just plain fun!

note speaker change….

 Bill Whittle

one of the most profound thinkers and speakers on a wide range of topics

                                                              in a special Los Angeles appearance

our speaker this year wasBrandon Straka, the founder of the #WalkAway movement which has been spreading like wildfire. You can watch his video here.

Courageous, funny, passionate and with remarkable media savvy and charismatic appeal, Straka and his movement have been bringing a shocking number of people – young people – to see which political ideology is, in fact, on the side of freedom. Join us for one of his first appearances in the LA area and meet this remarkable young man.


We’ll be serving a selection of the Famous Grilled Cheese Truck’s “melts” 

In addition, lunch will include the following:

Variety of Salads
Bundt Cakes
Variety of Ice Cream

Tickets: $30 per person, or Early Bird tickets for $25 available until August 15th

Have a great late-summer afternoon with the intellectually curious, freedom-loving members of the AFA community!

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


Organizer of AFA’s Third Annual Summer Picnic!

The American Freedom Alliance is a non-partisan non-profit organization which promotes, defends and upholds Western values and ideals. The Alliance sponsors conferences, publishes opinions, distributes information and creates networking groups to identify threats to Western civilization and to motivate, educate and unite citizens in support of that cause.

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