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    American Freedom Alliance | Crushing Free Speech | Fighting Back

     Sunday, November 5th | 11AM  – 4 PM | Registration begins at 10AM



    Sam Sorbo, co-creator and co-star of the award-winning new film Let There Be Light, joins a stellar line-up of speakers at our Free Speech conference this Sunday!  Sam and her husband Kevin have long been fighting against mainstream Hollywood in their effort to get films made that don’t align with the leftist agenda, and we are just delighted that she’ll join our event to talk about her experiences as well as the importance of free speech.


    Speakers include:

    AFA Fellow Trevor Loudon whose film “The Enemies Within” documented the infiltration of the Democrat Party by Communinst and other anti-American forces, and whose new documentary American Under Siege: Antifa is an in-depth expose of this fascistic group.  We will also be screening this film at the conference.

    Dr. Jamie Glazov of The Glazov Gang and FrontPage Mag, whose book United in Hate outlines clearly the origins and context of what we are dealing with today.  In addition, his own work has been threatened because of his having been blacklisted.

    Dr. Carol Swain who has been the target of the SPLC and other hate groups for far too long, and who has been studying their tactics. She is an American political scientist, former professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University, and former television host.

    Christine Brim whose expertise in this area ranges from analyses of social media bias to the strategies and networking of these various hate groups.

    Frank Gaffney whose Center for Security Policy has suffered due to the SPLC’s blacklisting, and whose efforts most recently include a number of strategies for ensuring that we all still are able to exercise our first amendment right to free speech without the various impediments imposed by the “tolerant” left.

    Dr. Robert Epstein, Senior Research Psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, is one of the few researchers who has quantified google’s tampering of their search algorithms.

    Joey Gibson, whose Patriot Prayer group has been a target of violence of all kinds, as well as  the focus of more creative means of suppressing free speech.

    Howard Hyde, AFA Fellow and author of Escape From Berkeley:  How an Ex-Liberal Progressive Socialist Embraced America (and doesn’t apologize), is an expert on the evolution of the Left’s “Free Speech” movement in Berkeley and on Leftist tactics of intimidation.

    Bill Becker, long associated with AFA in various capacities, whose legal firm Freedom X is dedicated to fighting for freedom of expression and which is now involved in a number of cases related to the crushing of free speech on campuses.

    Barak Lurie, AFA Board member, radio show host and attorney involved in thePragerU’s just-filed lawsuit against youtube for suppression of their videos.

    Keith Fink, UCLA professor fired for his conservative views.  (Dr. Enstrom, also mentioned in the article, is on the Board of Directors of AFA)

    And STILL new speakers are being added every day!


    The conference includes lunch and the screening of Trevor Loudon’s latest film AMERICA UNDER SIEGE: ANTIFA


    Help fight back against the Left’s tsunami of hate.

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