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    American Freedom Alliance | School Shootings: Facts, Fallacies, Freedom & the Future

    American Freedom Alliance | School Shootings: Facts, Fallacies, Freedom & the Future

    When a lone teen-aged boy, already known to the authorities as a threat, entered the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and killed 17 of his former school-mates and wounded 17 others, it sparked a nation-wide frenzy of activism that had a single goal:  enact “More Gun Control.”

    The event was horrifying, and no doubt each of us would like to see an end to violence of this kind.  But what if it’s NOT about the gun?

    Join AFA’s Conference “Safe Spaces: It’s Not the Gun, Stupid” to learn about the many various factors that contribute to these horrendous acts of violence, and join the conversation about how we can stop them.


    To blame it on the gun is to turn one’s back on various other factors that contribute to this kind of violence, and, instead of making our children safer, actually leaves them – and us! – more vulnerable.

    In fact, the chain of events that led up to the Parkland shooting were, for the most part, misguided policies and decisions made based on irrational desires and magical thinking  that, far from preventing a catastrophe, resulted in one.

    “Solutions” that eschew the actual root of problems are never solutions at all; only when the problem isunderstood can actual, effective solutions be crafted and implemented.  

    This conference will take a frank examination of a range of contributing factors to the problem, and will advance both short term and long term solutions to the various elements that lead to school violence, and to teen anguish generally.

    The conference will include experts on such topics as:

    Facts on gun violence, with the nation’s number-one leading expert John Lott and others

    Issues contributing to teen violence such as

    •      Fatherlessness and the war on boys  – Dr. Warren Farrell and others
    •      The loss of cultural morality and the reverence for violence rather than life
    •      The role of various medications –  Dr. Linda Lagemann and  Jonathan Emord

    Current policies and plans recommended and implemented by schools to address school security

    In addition, we will hold sessions led by our respective experts on how to address these various aspects of violence in schools, and how, exactly, to create true “safe spaces” for our students.

    Cost: (Includes buffet lunch, book signings, no-host reception)
    Individual Ticket:  $95.00
    VIP Ticket:  $180.00 (preferred seating and one ticket to VIP Reception)
    Early Bird Tickets (Available until April 28):  $85

    Sponsorship:  $5,000.00 (10 tickets to VIP Reception, preferred seating, and program recognition)

    SUNDAY, MAY 20th from 9AM – 4  PM
    Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel

    Time | 8:00 am: Registration | 9:00 am – 4:00 pm:  Program 

    Join us as we explore the underlying causes of tragedies such as the one last February, and as we address how to prevent them, both by tackling those causes and by various security strategies. 

    Be part of the REAL solution and help keep our kids safe.


    American Freedom Alliance: AFA’s events are great opportunities to meet others with the same concerns, intellectual curiosity and hunger for informed and stimulating conversation, not to mention the chance to meet experts in their fields.  We hope you join us for an extremely important conference on May 20th.

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