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    Collective Voices-Abundant Years Art Exhibition at Café on A and Acuña Art Gallery






        CafeonA THE ACUÑA ART GALLERY @ CAFÉ ON A, mind CHIQUES, price CALI.

    Oct. 24-Nov.24, price Reception Oct. 24

    The Acuña Art Gallery @ Café on A has had a historical presence in the Ventura County art scene for 15 years. During this period we have hosted many important and cutting edge art exhibitions, such as The MUSES, 2004; the Chicano Movimiento, 2006; on the Avenue and the Universe, 2008; Barrio Life and Death; Mujeres y sus Visiones, 2009; Los Four and friends, 2009; Blacc America, 2010; and just recently Minerva, 2014. Café on A has had countless art shows, it has been the home to many renowned as well as emerging artists. The Acuña Gallery is an edgy, eclectic and community based gallery.

    We are thrilled and honored to be hosting Collective Voices-Abundant Years Exhibition which is dedicated to Professor Vincent Flocco who created and developed the Oxnard College Ceramics Workshop. It is also a tribute to Betty Bennett, Josie Magallanes and Fumi Moriya, Ceramicists from Oxnard College, a collective group of artists who where treasured by faculty, students and co-artists.


    Landscape                    Vase & Face Rattle              Japanese Landscape

    by Betty Bennett          by Josie Magallanes           by Fumi Moriya


    Featuring Artists Illona Battaglia Aguayo, Jacqueline Biaggi, Lynn Creighton, Maureen DiGiglio, Schzelle Frangis, Cecile Gurrola-Faulconer, Gina Lawson Egan, Francisco Magdaleno, Mark Mueller, Janet Neuwalder, Mary Otani-Kobashikawa, Pat Putnam, Jacklyn Sanford, Gail Suval, Jenchi Wu and Artists from Café on A Collective. The Exhibition opens to the public on Friday, October 24 with a reception for the Artists beginning at 5:30 p.m. The show ends on November 24, 2014. The exhibition is curated by Jacqueline Biaggi  and Armando Vazquez. This exhibit will bring together some of the most important, creative and talented ceramists, sculptors and artists. Join us to experience the majesty and transformational power of community, artists, passion and love coming together to create a unique, historic and important art exhibition for the ages at the Acuña Art Gallery.


    Foundation for Educational & Employment Resources Development, Inc.

    Café on A and Acuña Art Gallery,  a 501 c 3 Agency

    Executive Directors Dr. Deborah DeVries and Armando Vazquez

    438 South  “A” Street, Oxnard , CA 93030  Box 1387,   Oxnard 93032-1387   Phone:  805-216-4530



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