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    COMING UP SOON! American Freedom Alliance’s 2016 Conference

    COMING UP SOON! American Freedom Alliance’s 2016 Conference


    Sunday August 21st
    The Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel
    Los Angeles, CA
    Terrorism and the loss of Western Civilization are two of the most pressing issues we face today. Given the barbaric violence throughout the US and the Western world, the influx of refugees here and abroad, the danger posed by Iran, and the rise of ISIS and global jihad generally, the topic of this conference isn’t simply academic but, frankly, existential.

    And while others skirt the issues of Islam and Islamic jihad, we don’t. The American Freedom Alliance has always stood up for the truth, especially when others refuse to tell it and this  conference is no exception.

    When we began putting together this conference some time ago, we knew how important this topic was, but we had no idea that events would unfold as quickly and as ubiquitously as they have been.
    We knew how the cultural infiltration and propagandizing about the “religion of peace” would play out – and created a stellar panel to address it.

    We knew that Europe is the proverbial canary in the coal mine – and created a panel to address that as well, with a number of speakers joining us from Europe as well as experts on the influx of refugees here in the US.

    And of course, we knew that issues relating to Islam are perhaps the most urgent global and national security threat, despite what our Secretary of State has said.  It has of course long been a threat to Israel but daily, it’s becoming an increasingly existential one throughout the west as well.

    And we created a truly world-class panel to address this, too.

    Whatever your knowledge about this fundamental issue, we promise that you will come away from our conference knowing and understanding more than before.  Not only that, but you will also find out what YOU can do to help make a difference.  It is jihad, and it won’t just stop on its own.

    This event is truly exceptional – don’t miss the opportunity to hear these speakers.  And bring a friend.


    VIP tickets include preferred seating and a
    private dinner with conference speakers the evening before the event


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