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    Critical: Oxnard Candidate Forum- Treasurer and City Clerk candidates- 10-5-16


    Oxnard Voters!  You are invited to help make a critical choice for the City.treasurer

    EVENT: “For the People By The People”

    Oxnard Treasurer/City Clerk candidates forum 6-9 pm, on Oct 5, 2016

    At the Oxnard Performing Arts Center, 800 Hobson Way, Oxnard, CA 93030

    When’s the last time you remember a Forum just for candidates for these offices? There’s a lot at stake this year. With all of our beloved Oxnard’s serious financial issues, meltdown in bookkeeping systems, failure to reconcile accounts of many millions of dollars, lack of “transparency” and accessibility of accurate, timely information- and more- incumbents are vacating these positions and it’s a wide open race!

    READ: 107 Oxnard audit findings!   Organizational assessment- 128 Deficiencies

    Choosing competent, experienced professionals for these key positions of Treasurer and City Clerk is more critical for the City than ever!

    Event Moderator: Richard Linares. Send us questions to ask candidates:  [email protected]

    Treasurer candidates: Al Jones, Phillip Molina, Jonathan Royas, Larry Stein

    City Clerk candidates: Michelle Ascencion, Peter DeDomenico, DeShay Ford, Tiffany Lopez, Sylvia Paniagua, Bryan Patino, Alex Rey Rivera, Jose Torres

    Event Sponsors:





    American Drive-In Cleaners


    This will be an in-depth session with specifics as well as general issues addressed. We need your questions for the candidates. Please send your submissions to moderator:[email protected]. RSVP/Let us know if you’re coming.


    Event Commitee: Ron Mulvihill, Contractor; Richard Linares, Community Servant; Vince Behrens, Downtown Board Member; Peggy Rivera, Homeless Advocate.


    NOTE:  Vision Supply, a non-profit charity, is having a Thanksgiving Turkey giveaway for up to 1000 families, depending upon funds raised! We ask that attendees bring a non-perishable can of food for use in the gift baskets or make an optional donation to help the less fortunate. LETTER


    Oxnard City Treasurer candidate interview videos

    Oxnard City Treasurer candidate interview videos

     By KADYTV View Videos   More to follow. Keep checking.   


    The Making of a Great Oxnard City Clerk

    The Making of a Great Oxnard City Clerk

    By Peter K. Godinez, Ambassador to Public Sector, SoCal Office Technologies – A Xerox Company The position of the City of Oxnard Clerk plays such a vital role in the success of the city. Yet its importance has been overlooked compared to the other offices in this largest city municipality in the tri-counties of California (Ventura, Santa Barbara and […]


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