EIPCa at the Western Conservative Conference | Phoenix, AZ | March 23-24

The Election Integrity Project California (EIPCa) is excited to announce that the Western Conservative Conference invited EIPCa to sponsor and organize this panel on election integrity!

This is a great opportunity for EIPCa and for you to learn why it is absolutely critical to have a statewide citizen oversight organization that has the right to participate in the most critical aspects of the election process, to ask question, and to receive answers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to attend the Conference AND the Panel.
EIPCa would love to have you join us in Phoenix as we network with others and encourage them to build an election integrity organization in their state.
The panel – Saturday, March 24th at 10:30am
Election Integrity, a Roadmap to  
Fair and Honest Elections


Panel Members: National Viewpoint
  • Michael O’Neil – Assistant General Counsel at Landmark Legal Foundation
  • J. Christian Adams – President & General Counsel of the Public Interest Legal Foundation
  • Hans von Spakovsky – Manager of Heritage Foundation’s Election Law Reform Initiative
  • John Fund – Author and Election Integrity Advocate
State Organization Viewpoint 
Election Integrity Project California
  • Linda Paine – President, Co-Founder of EIP & EIPCa
  • Ruth Weiss – Vice President, Co-Founder of EIPCa, Director of Education & Training
  • Ellen Swensen – Co-Founder of EIP, Data Research: Chief Analyst
  • Randy Berholtz – Outside Counsel, Managing partner, Sorrento Valley Law Group.

Election Integrity Project California (EIPCa):

“There is no doubt the answer to restoring fair and honest elections is found in the activism of citizens who document the systemic erosion of integrity in the electoral process through noncompliance with state and federal law, legislation that weakens or removes integrity in the process of voting, and an unwillingness to prosecute those who manipulate the system. EIPCa stands ready to provide 8 years of documentation to state & federal attorneys.”
This is what one of our panel members says about the importance of citizen oversight.  
“… [T]he important work of improving the integrity of the election process will be done by people who believe in election integrity, not by those who seek to preserve vulnerabilities in the system. Over the years, demonstrable and empirical data has been developed showing noncitizen voting, double voting, and defects in the election system that no credible observer could deny. Some news outlets and activists have decided to ignore those facts, as if they do not exist.”   J. Christian Adams
Join us in Phoenix and help tell the story of what citizens can do when trained to observe, document and report!
Thank you for all the EIPCa volunteers for the hard work of researching and documenting the truth about the destruction of the integrity of CA electoral process.
Please feel free to contact us for questions at [email protected]
Linda Paine
President and Co-founder
Election Integrity Project California

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