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    Globalization of California: Regaining Local Control

    Globalization of California: Regaining Local Control

    Event Announcement

    CA sealStop Regional Government!

    In meetings across California,unelected and unaccountable regulators are setting up networks of regional government that are usurping local control from you and your duly elected city, county, community and other local officials. These regional bodies are not acting in the “public good” but are reinventing a government that strips property rights away from legitimate property owners and instead gives them to a chosen few under the auspices of programs such as “sustainable development”,  ”smart growth” and “public-private partnerships.”Are you a property owner? Do you value local control of your communities by your duly elected officials? If so, then the time to act is NOW!

    The Globalization of California Forum brings top recognized experts together (Michael Shaw, Patrick Wood, Rosa Koire, Debbie Bacigalupi, Heather Gass, Mike Munzing, Matt Grocott, Steve Brandau)  to reveal the details and the necessary actions to put a stop to it! Space is limited, so get your ticket today!

    Registration Type: Cost:*
    General registration (4/8/14-4/30/14) $92 per person
    Early bird registration  (ends 4/7/14) $84 per person
    Early bird flock (4+ registering as group ends 4/20/14) $76 per person
    Student price (must show current student i.d. card) $64 per person
    Vendor (includes One 6′ table & admission, catered lunch, coffee & tea service) $125.00 per vendor
    Late registration (after 5/1/14) $102 per person
    At the door registration (on 5/3/14) $112 per person

    Featured Speakers:

    Michael Shaw
    Rosa Koire
    Mike Munzling
    Heather Gass

    Deb Bacigalupi
    Patrick Wood
    Steve Brandau

    Seminar Topics:

    Agenda 21
    Sustainable Development
    Smart Growth
    Private Property Rights
    Elected Officials Insight
    Solutions + So Much More!




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