“As Goes California, So Goes the Nation”: Malibu Bel/Air Republican Women’s Federated Meeting Feb.21st

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Did you know…..CA controls one fifth of the Electoral College votes required to win the presidency.  The return of integrity to CA’s electoral system is crucial for the restoration of a Constitutional Republic.

The orchestrated corruption and fraud being used to destroy election integrity in CA is a blueprint of action to be used against every state in the nation.

Legal action in CA will change the narrative from “there is no voter fraud” to “voter fraud is the perfect crime” made possible through loopholes in state and federal law, corruption and simple mismanagement.

Eleven CA counties have more registered voters than voting-age citizens.

Join us Wednesday, February 21st. 

 Now is the time to work together to change the course of California!


Meet Malcolm McGough

Election Integrity Project California


Malcolm McGough, CEO of EIPCa is an Australian citizen and permanent resident of the US who came to America 9 years ago, after being recruited by the Yankee Institute for Public Policy out of Trinity College CT, as a Senior Analyst.  He has been heavily involved in Politics since arriving, having been the campaign manager for the CT Attorney General’s race, CT Governor’s race and US Senate Exploratory Committee, and more recently as the CA Political and Field Operations Director for the Trump/Pence Presidential Campaign Manager.  He has recently taken on the role of CEO/Political Outreach and Funding of the Election Integrity Project California Inc. 

Malcolm has a passion for his adopted country and speaks at groups and organizations across California on a range of subjects They include, “America’s Godly Heritage”, and the “Truth of America’s Role as a Beacon of Hope and Light for the World to follow.”  As an Executive of EIPCa he incorporates the importance of cleaning up election fraud in CA as a fundamental requirement for America to fulfil her God given leadership role in the world.


Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Amici Brentwood

2538 San Vicente Blvd

Santa Monica CA 90402


11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

$27.00 Members/$33.00 Guests

2-Hour Validated Parking

     RSVP HERE or Email: [email protected]

Cancellations made by 19 FEB and no-shows may incur $27.00 fee 

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