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    International Integrated Water Project (IIWP) – startling innovation in water supplies!


    Event announcement

    CAWaterMohammed Hasan and Mark Capron will be presenting International Integrated Water Project (IIWP) at two venues in Ventura. Public is welcome but reservation is required.
    cheap helvetica, illness sans-serif;”>IIWP provides quality and reliable water to 44 million people in the states of California, Nevada and Arizona, and part of north western Mexico using Salton Sea as a reservoir and importing sea water from the gulf of California. Seawater gravity flows from the Gulf to the Sea. Desalting  takes place at the south end of the Sea where geothermal and solar energy are plentiful. Desalting produces solid salt rather than brine. Water produced at $500/AF, is very economical. Numerous benefits are possible from the project including rejuvenation of the Salton Sea community and the Colorado river delta, water trade by allowing more water to participating agencies, state of the art innovation facility helping scientists and engineers, enhanced food production and recreation.  
    February 18, Wednesday, 6 pm
    University Club of Ventura

    Poinsettia Pavilion
    3451 Foothill Rd. Ventura
    Reservation: Gary Nasalroad (805) 231-1560
    March 30, Monday, noon
    Rotary Club of Ventura South
    Wedgewood Banquet Center
    5882 Olivas Park Dr.
    Reservation, lunch $16: Bob Davis (805) 340-1822
    Read more about the project:

    A bold vision for plentiful water in Southern California …


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