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    IWOSC/SPAWN meeting. June’s speaker is editor Naomi Eagleson

    Now meeting at the Newbury Park Library
    JUNE MEETING Wednesday, June 21, 6:30 pm


    Naomi Long Eagleson
    Editor and president of
    The Artful Editor

    How to Proofread Your Book Like a Pro

    Before you hit “publish,” you will need to proofread your book. I will show you how to proofread like a professional so you can minimize errors and save money. This is a useful skill to have whether you are self-publishing or have a traditional publisher, because every set of eyes helps.So, what is proofreading? It’s the final step in the editorial process after your book has been copyedited and formatted into a PDF or an e-book. You might be saying, “But I already had my book copyedited, so there shouldn’t be any errors.” Although a copyeditor aims to catch all the errors in your book, he or she is human and, therefore, may have missed some errors. Also, when your book is formatted for publication, new errors get introduced. 

    Naomi will share with you tips on how to proofread like a pro, common errors to look out for, and proofreading tools that you can use for a lifetime. Learn more about Naomi and The Artful Editor.

    Before our speaker, we will have a short organizational talk about the future of these meetings. Would love to have as much input as possible.

    Please remember to come early. We must be out of the building before 8 PM

    New Location
    Newbury Park Library
    2331 Borchard Road
    Newbury Park, CA 91320
    (inside the shopping center at the corner of Michael and Borchard, just south of Hwy 101)

    IWOSC and SPAWN are California nonprofits. Learn more about each organization at:  or  www.SPAWN.orgSign up to learn more about these monthly meetings


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