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    Jewish Book Fair kicks off

    Jewish Book Fair kicks off

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    Jewish Book Fair kicks off

    The annual San Diego Jewish Book Fair will be held from Oct. 29 to Nov. 6 in five different locations ( More than 30 best-selling authors, journalists and commentators are scheduled to speak on topics ranging from world events, memoirs, family relations to self-help books. There will also be timely topics ripped from the headlines ranging from cyber security, struggles in the Middle East, to issues involving the military.

    This is the largest literary event in San Diego. Book lovers will have a rare opportunity to hear some of the most articulate authors and be entertained, while learning more about the world. Being Jewish is not a prerequisite to enjoy the book fair. There will be a multitude of authors discussing secular subjects, such as Rich Cohen who will discuss his travels with the Rolling Stones.

    Samuel Katz, who wrote the book “Ghost Warriors,” will be speaking about Israel’s elite force of undercover operatives. They are drawn from the nation’s diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, united in their ability to walk among the enemy as no one else dared. His discussion is very relevant for San Diegans who must deal with border security since these Ghost Warriors, the Ya’mas, are known as “Border Guards.” His lecture is also relevant to those in the military since those in the Ya’mas also use counter-terrorism tactics.

    He spoke with the Military Press about the relevance.

    “Israelis learned about using counter-terrorism inside city, street, and neighborhoods,” he said. “The United States now realizes it is also something they will have to contend with, a struggle of civilizations. The book is a warrior’s tale of a select group of individuals who accepted the challenge of going daily/nightly into enemy controlled territory. Using the method of infiltrating the enemy they would have the terrorists wondering who to trust or where the Israelis are lurking. They had to spend just as much time in watching their backs as planning terrorist attacks.”

    He also explains why this unit is so successful, “They rely on the importance of intelligence and have those who understand the language and culture of their enemy. The problem for America is that it is a global player so they must learn many Arabic dialects and cultures ranging from the Horn of Africa to Yemen. Here in the homeland we can also prevent terrorist attacks if we learn to speak, understand, and communicate by listening in, talking to, and having an open discussion. Because we suffer from the disease of political correctness we do not understand the necessity to see what is happening in the Mosques. The Israel experience is a valid study, which is why this book is so relevant.”

    To show the wide variety of authors at the Fair, Military Press also interviewed Jennifer Brown, who wrote “Modern Girls.” The book discusses the issue of abortion among immigrants of the 1930s, offering a pro-life and a pro-choice point of view through the characters who must confront their beliefs, the changing world, and the fact that their lives will never again be the same. It is a warm-hearted story of how the main characters, a mother and daughter balanced traditional Old World values with “modern” American views.

    Jennifer noted, “Abortion is an issue that spans all religions. In doing my research I found that a woman who was entrenched in a religious world would not have had an abortion, but the rate was higher with an immigrant who has assimilated. Protestants had their abortions when they were young, while Jews and Catholics had them when they were older. This is an immigrant story and although the characters are Jewish, readers will see more similarities than differences with their own culture. I describe it as an immigrant story that just happened to have Jewish characters.”

    Looking for something to do, the Jewish Book Fair in San Diego is a great opportunity. Besides hearing best-selling authors discuss their books there is also a “READJUVENATION” day that focuses on mind, body, and spirit through meditation, yoga, introspection, and goal setting, including a spa luncheon. There will be a concert with an 8-piece band, the Ultimate Stones, one of the best Stone’s cover bands. For food lovers there will be an author inspired lunch that includes tastings and demos. So put it on your calendar and check out the various events.

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