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    Keith Hardine — Self-Defense Civics | Thursday, March 21


    We hope you will join us on  Thursday, March 21 ………………………………..Please RSVP  to hear two Special Speakers . . .

    Keith HardineSelf-Defense Civics

    How often have you encountered a person who opposes your political views and you felt stumped on how to respond? 
    Learn what works, and what doesn’t, to keep them engaged.

    To save America, we must win back the American Founders’  narrative—that the God of Nature has set certain fixed Laws
    to govern our conduct and preserve a more civil society.

    Georgette Hadvina

            How changing my message to liberals changed them!

    I found I was getting nowhere with my liberal friends, trying to  teach them true facts. So I changed my message, which caused them to see things in a different light.  What a difference it made!

    Keith Hardine is a Constitutionalist, Author, Self Defense Rights Activist, and former “Use of Force” Trainer for the Los Angeles & Orange County Probation Officers of California. Presently, he’s employed as a Los Angeles Unified School District-Campus Aide. Keith also supervises and mentors K-12 students in “Self Defense Civics”—a discipline that teaches citizens the value of advancing America’s Founding Principles to defend their Natural Rights, and preserve our Constitutional Republic against progressive bullying.

    Georgette Hadvina immigrated to the U.S. with her parents in 1957 after escaping communist Hungary. She finished high school in Detroit, Michigan, attended Wayne State University, SMCC, and LACC. She worked for over 20 years as a commercial Real Estate Broker. In 2001 she started her own business in Camarillo named “Citron Garden.” After semi retiring, she wrote a book, which was published in 2016 entitled By Dawn We’ll Be FreeShe became a widow after 45 years of marriage. She raised three successful children with her husband, and has four grandchild.  She lives in Camarillo, and still works as a free-lance interior designer..

    Your friends and family are always welcome!

    RSVP —  Please let us know you’re coming so we’re sure  to have enough chairs set up.

    Date:  Thursday, Mar. 21
    Time:  6:45 PM Social time —- Meeting time – 7:00 – 9:00 PM

    Place:  the NEW Calvary Chapel, 320 Via Las Brisas, in The Village in Dos Vientos (Newbury Park)

    Map for 320 Via Las Brisas address


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