Liberty & Libations June social–Ventura County Libertarian Party

Event Details


Wed. June 18, 2014
7 – 9 PM


254 W. Los Angeles Ave., Moorpark, CA (map)

Please join us this month as we take liberty to Don Cuco’s Mexican Restaurant in Moorpark.  This long standing, family owned restaurant earned it’s reputation for it’s tasty variety of traditional dishes from every region of Mexico.  This is a fun way to meet the LPVC, and learn what the party can do for you. If interested, find out about the direction the LPVC is headed, and how it plans to promote liberty locally, and successfully achieve its goals.

Find out why we are the fastest growing party today and what you can do to help restore the American dream, and protect your freedom. We want to hear what your concerns are about government today, and share with you our hopes for the future. We love new faces, so feel free to bring a friend! See you there!

The Libertarian Party… An idea whose time has come. Empowering you…empowering our future.


For more information please go to: LPVC.ORG 

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