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    Living YOUR Life is the Topic of Ojai Art Center Literary Salon

    Living YOUR Life is the Topic of Ojai Art Center Literary Salon

    Ojai Art Center





    “Living YOUR Life” is the topic for Ojai Art Center Literary Salon June 10 with speaker/author Norbert Soski

    Soski will speak on how we can manage and correct age-old problem through rebooting our system can defrag and clear the way to a better life.

    (Ojai, CA — May 23, 2019) Author Norbert Soski, the June 10 speaker at the Ojai Literary Salon, will discuss how to live our life with a more purpose. In his talk “Living YOUR Life – Revealing the Obstacles to a Meaningful, Productive Life,” Soski will share some thoughts from his recently published book – Only Human: Guide to our internal Human Operating System (iHOS) and Achieving a Better Life that addresses the situations, events, and motivations that are obstacles to a life lived with joy and happiness. And most importantly, how to drive the needed changes in our lives to create a healthier environment in which to live.

    A lifelong engineer, Soski began a spiritual journey thirty years ago and found that the missing pieces in his and others’ lives often could be codified into engineering terms and thought patterns. He crafted the principles he found into a belief that every person has their own internal Human Operating System (iHOS) and it’s how we manage and correct age-old problem through rebooting our system, can defrag our systems to clear the way to a better life. A type of reverse engineering.

    “The principles within ONLY HUMAN are very relevant to each person,” said Soski, “because of how they address the underlying positive and negative motivations of their human nature. Understanding our human nature provides us with options in knowing we can choose our path in life. Only Human identifies the causes of the situations and events, including physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual, we each must deal with each day in living our life.”

    Soski divides many of the situations we face as being under the influence of our Angelic Soul or our Primitive Soul. Each chapter of ONLY HUMAN covers a single topic with exercises at the end to help strengthen the lessons. By the end, a reader has gone through twelve key steps that can simplify and return control of their internal operating system to its owner with joy, peace, and purpose.

    The June 10 Salon begins at 7 pm in the Gallery of the Ojai Art Center. There is a $5 donation at the door with refreshments and wine available. Soski’s talk will be followed by a reception and book signing.


    Taking a new approach from the wealth of spiritual enlightenment books out today, Only Human looks at human nature from an engineering perspective. Norbert Soski deconstructs the very nature of how we think so we can find the path to a better, more fulfilling life. Explaining our human nature in comparison to that of a computer, the book integrates human spirituality with the world of science and engineering, identifying practical solutions we can explore and apply in our daily lives. Only Human teaches us how we can change and grow by understanding our internal Human Operating System (iHOS). We can learn how to let go of the blocks in our lives that are holding us back.


    Ojai Art Center Literary Branch Salon
    Speaker: Author Norbert Soski
    Topic: “Living YOUR Life”
    Monday, June 10 at 7 PM
    Ojai Art Center Gallery
    $5 Donation at the door.

    Ojai Art Center
    113 S. Montgomery St
    Ojai, CA 93023

    For additional information, please contact:
    Ilona Saari, i[email protected]


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