Moorpark: Free Public Astronomy Lecture

Event Details

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7:15 pm

The FORUM at Moorpark College, 7075 Campus Road

The Sun – Star of Our Solar System

Guest Speaker: Dr. Jerry Clifford, Ph.D.

The Sun is our local star – a good place to learn about stellar activity. Our star produces solar storms, sunspots and flares that can knock out our electric grid. Our star is the source of most of the energy we use on Earth. Dr. Jerry Clifford will examine the Sun as a dynamic sphere of plasma that constantly evolves. We will look at the Sun as a magnetic dynamo – in fact a group of magnetic dynamos that stretch and bend the solar magnetic field lines like rubber bands. The solar dynamo is responsible for the chaotic behavior and cyclic changes in the Sun’s surface that affect us here on Earth. Today satellites monitor the solar weather and alert government and industry to protect vulnerable communications and utility systems.

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