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    Oxnard Special Recall Election Candidate Debate- 3-15-18

    Oxnard Special Recall Election Candidate Debate- 3-15-18

    Event Announcement


    An unprecedented stand-alone Oxnard Council recall election will be held on 5-1-18. We are “cueing” you in that the ad-hoc “Oxnard Revelations Alliance” (ORA) is sponsoring and running an all-comers candidates’ debate on March 15, 2018, 5 pm at The Corner Pocket Billiards and BLVD boxing gym, a 20,000 sq. ft. downtown Oxnard facility at 658 S. A Street.

    Moderator Pablo Ortiz
    Moderator Manuel Arriola


    The event will incorporate a “boxing ” theme, as the facility incorporates an active boxing gym, Oxnard has boxing in its blood, being the home of many boxers, some of champion grade and the PAL national boxing championship. Also, local politics can be combative, so boxing metaphors often apply. But, let’s just leave it at metaphors and discourage actual physical combat! However, Oxnard is a tough town, as we all know. View past boxing match at Corner Pocket

    Event referees (Moderators) will be Pablo Ortiz (Ortiz Pablo Bio) and Manuel Arriola (ArriolaManuel Bio), both known and respected Oxnard Citizens of integrity with knowledge of local affairs and issues.

    Past boxing event at Corner Pocket

    We’ll take this boxing metaphor as far as it helps captivate the public, although no actual physical violence will be tolerated. The debate rounds will appear on “cards,” like real boxing matches. The candidates/contestants will be in a REAL boxing ring. The questions will be signaled with a round gong. The moderator will will be a “referee.”Vendors will be “hawking” food in the aisles. “Ringside” seats will be highly prized. Popcorn will be free, but you can purchase menu items such as tri-tip sandwiches,nachos, hot dogs and even no-host beer and soft drinks

    Upscale attire is encouraged.

    First, a Reception

    From 5-5:45 pm, there will be a reception for candidates, officials, dignitaries and the general public. People will be introduced- some will make brief statements. There will be candidate information booths, a “spin room,” food and drink on sales, probably free popcorn and light munchies, 25 cent video arcade games and billiards.  We anticipate voter registration and Election Integrity Project – California information and recruiting. We have asked downtown district  businesses to display a rack of business cards and coupon offers.


    Debate Structure

    The “bouts” are scheduled to begin at 5:45 pm. With such a large number of candidates- 14 challengers at last count- attempting to qualify against 4 incumbents, this event would be nearly impossible to manage as one big debate. So, we are breaking it up into up to 4 sub-debates consisting of each incumbent and his/her challengers, since there are actually four separate races/challenges in this election. Challenged incumbents and known candidates are listed, as of 2-16-18, subject to change, INVITED:

    Mayor Tim Flynn (vote to keep or recall), challenged by:

    • Aaron Starr
    • Larry Stein
    • Modesto (Mory) Navarro
    • Miguel Lopez
    • Robert Lee Sumpter

    Mayor ProTem Carmen Ramirez (vote to keep or recall),  challenged by:

    • Al Velasquez
    • Francine Castanon
    • Ambrosio Casanova

    Councilman Oscar Madrigal (vote to keep or recall),  challenged by:

    • Miguel Martinez
    • Daniel Chavez, Jr.
    • Enrique Petris
    • John Ragan
    • Angel Garcia

    Councilman Bert Perello (vote to keep or recall),  challenged by:

    • Kari Cryder

    Mayor Pro-Tem Ramirez and Lawrence Paul Stein will both be out of town on debate night.


    Rules of Engagement

    The event rules of engagement are designed to help ensure a level playing filed for candidates, elicit information for the public to learn about their capability/suitability and to move the process to a timely conclusion: Oxnard Special Recall Debate RulesRev2.0


    Ask the Candidates Questions!

    Questions will be selected and asked by an independent moderator, with consultation, who may redirect and even engage multiple responses. The public may submit questions HERE Specify if question is to a specific candidate, on a specific race or a general question.


    What/who is “Oxnard Revelations Alliance” ?

    This is a grassroots group set up to at the least conduct this event, providing a fair forum for exposure to council/mayoral candidates for office: profiles and views/competence on issues and skills. It currently consists of:

    Alex Rivera, Corner Pocket Manager and Downtown Management District board member.  [email protected]

    Peter Godinez- Sales executive for SoCal Office Products- Xerox.

    Elizabeth White

    Noel Young- retired commodities broker

    George Miller- Retired management consultant and Publisher of  [email protected]


    Event Sponsors

    The Corner Pocket Billiards

    Citizens Journal- Ventura County

    Tomas Cafe

    Garcia Mortuary

    Next Day Cleaners

    Mr. & Mrs. Jamison White, MD, SA-C

    We seek additional donors/sponsors: [email protected]

    For Donations:
    Alex Rivera
    2081 N. Oxnard Blvd. #375, Oxnard, CA. 93036


    Save the date- March 15, 5 PM, Corner Pocket, 7th & A

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