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    Reagan Library GOP presidential candidate debate

    Reagan Library GOP presidential candidate debate

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    Although the debates are 3-5 PM and 5-7 PM, there will likely be commentary/interviews before and after that. Expect competing networks to have that too, but not the actual debates.

    We received this from CNN Reagan Library Debate organization last week:

    After reworking their debate criteria, CNN has officially announced their lineup of candidates who will appear in the prime time debate next week at 8 p.m. ET (5 PM PT).

    Today was the last day of the two-month eligibility period to determine who would be appearing in the debate. The lineup is based on 14 polls and 6,000 interviews with potential Republican primary voters. The top ten candidates, plus Carly Fiorina, will appear in the prime time debate from Simi Valley, California while the remaining candidates will appear in an earlier debate at 6:00 pm. Fiorina had been doing much better lately and many considered her the winner of the first, earlier lower tier debate.

    The overall ratings based on an average of all qualifying polls for the 16 candidates who met the participation requirements are:

    1) Donald Trump: 23.929

    2) Jeb Bush: 11.5

    3) Scott Walker: 9.429

    4) Ben Carson: 8.929

    5) Ted Cruz: 6.286

    6) Marco Rubio: 5.643

    7) Mike Huckabee: 5.571

    8) Rand Paul: 4.714

    9) John Kasich: 3.214

    10) Chris Christie: 3.143

    11) Carly Fiorina: 2.229

    The earlier debate (3 PM PT) will include:

    12) Rick Perry: 1.814  (dropped out)

    13) Rick Santorum: 1.214

    14) Bobby Jindal: 1.057

    15) George Pataki: 0.529

    16) Lindsey Graham: 0.471

    The rules for inclusion were changed late last month so that any candidate who made the top 10 in an average of polls conducted after the Fox News/Facebook debate held on August 5 would be included. Fiorina is the only candidate to move from the bottom six to the top 10 in the post-debate average.


    Democrats’ debates far more controvesial

    Opponents (and their supporters) of frontrunner presidential candidate Hilary Clinton are furious about the Democratic National Committee’s later starting (Oct 13) and more sparse debate schedule (6). They say it is designed to give the advantage to the better known and leading candidate Clinton. Not only that, but any candidates who participate in non-sanctioned debates will be barred from participating in sanctioned ones.

    The Schedule

    Clinton, Democratic opponents to debate 6 times … – CNN.com



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