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    Spring Medicinal Plant Workshop with Lanny Kaufer, Saturday September 28 featuring Dr. James Adams and Enrique Villaseñor

    Spring Medicinal Plant Workshop with Lanny Kaufer, Saturday September 28 featuring Dr. James Adams and Enrique Villaseñor

    Dr. James Adams of USC School of Pharmacy and plant educator Enrique Villaseñor will join Ojai herbalist Lanny Kaufer on Saturday, September 28, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for a Fall Medicinal Plant Workshop focused on Dr. Adams’ groundbreaking pharmacological studies on medicinal uses of California’s native plants.

    The plant identification session will take place at two native plant gardens where Kaufer and Dr. Adams will identify a wide variety of useful plants. The afternoon hands-on preparation session will be held at a community kitchen in Ojai. The presenters will demonstrate how to prepare edible and medicinal products from seasonal native plant material such as California Buckwheat, Sacred Datura, Black Sage, Yerba Santa, and Manzanita berries. Villaseñor will give instruction on preparing healing foods and drinks from Prickly Pear cactus fruits. Participants will go home with a jar of balm they made themselves from the Chamise plant. After the workshop, Kaufer will provide a complete list of all plants that are identified and/or utilized as well as recipes, online journal articles and other info. 

    The cost of the workshop is $75 which includes all materials. For more information or to register visit HerbWalks.comemail [email protected], or call 805-646-6281. Registrants will receive an email during the week prior with all necessary information including directions, what to bring, etc.

    James Adams, PhD, brings to Ojai a wealth of scientific knowledge and field experience as well as a singular perspective on herbal medicine. As he tells it, “My family came to Virginia in 1635 and has always survived by using American Indian healing. On the frontier, there were no doctors. American Indian healing was better than European medicine anyway. I continue this tradition.”

    Enrique Villaseñor is a Healer-in-Training, naturalist, and retired teacher. He taught elementary, middle, and Adult School for the Los Angeles Unified School District for 35 years. He was a Training, Mentor and Lead Teacher for over twenty years. Enrique designed, built and maintained the award-winning El Oro Way Habitat, a two-acre outdoor classroom with primarily California native plants and trees.

    Calendar Info: 

    • Fall Medicinal Plant Workshop in Ojai with specials Dr. James Adams and Enrique Villaseñor on Saturday, September 28, 2019
    • Learn identification and medicinal uses of native plants from a USC pharmacologist and prepare botanical home remedies 
    • Cost: $75 , including all materials
    • Register at HerbWalks.com or call 805-646-6281


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