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    The Left’s Revolution by Other Means: AFA’s Upcoming Conference

    The Left’s Revolution by Other Means:  AFA’s Upcoming Conference

    American Freedom Alliance


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    ·         The Long March Through the Institutions

    ·         AFA’s March Book Discussion Group

    ·         Save the Date!

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    The Long March Through the Institutions

    The Left’s Revolution By Other Means

    May 5, 10AM at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel

    An American Freedom Alliance all-day conference

    Tickets available here

    You’ve no doubt noticed that, somehow, over the years, the Left has infiltrated and undermined every single one of our civic institutions, including academia, entertainment, media and religious institutions among others.  Well, this is hardly coincidence, and in fact has been a very coherent and deliberate undertaking crafted about 100 years ago.  When the “workers of the world” didn’t “unite” to throw off their chains, despite the exhortation by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, another plan was devised, and this has been called the “Long March Through the Institutions.”  Join us May 5th as we explore the philosophy, strategy, tactics, planning and consequences of this “Revolution by other means” and learn how all of it, ALL of it, fits together.  Which, of course, helps in strategizing about how to preserve all that they’re seeking to undermine.

    You will not want to miss this eye-opener of a conference.

    Speakers include:
    David Horowitz
    Trevor Loudon
    Michael Walsh
    Larry Sand
    Pete Peterson
    William Voegeli
    Barak Lurie
    Bill Whittle
    and others being added every day

    Tickets are available here

    Sponsorship opportunities available:
    Speaker Sponsorship: $2,000 –  includes two tickets to the conference
    Session Sponsorship: $8,000 – includes four tickets to the conference 
    Golden Sponsorship: $10,000 – includes four tickets to the conference, and membership in our Freedom Circle
    Platinum Sponsorship: $25,000 – includes ten tickets to the conference and membership in our Freedom Circle

    Sponsors at any of these levels will also be honored with your name on all our materials, invitation for two to the VIP dinner May 4th,  and VIP seating at the conference.

    For more information, contact Karen Siegemund at [email protected]


    AFA’s March Book Discussion Group

    March 27th, 7PM at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel

    This month’s AFA book selection is Michael Walsh’s The Devil’s Pleasure Palace:  The Cult of Critical Theory and the Subversion of the West.
    It’s a truly remarkable work, one that I’m taking two passes through myself and I know that subsequent reads will reveal even more. 
    We chose it for its depth, and also because this is the topic of our upcoming conference at which Michael Walsh, the author, will be a speaker.  So it’s a great lead into the topic.
    Personally, I found it’s changed my perspective on so many things, even beyond the issue of the cultural subversion…. but I leave all that to our conversation on March 27th.

    For more information, you can watch his talk at the Institute of World Politics here or listen to his interview with Dennis Prager here.  
    In addition, Victor Davis Hanson discussed the book in the latter portion of this essay 

    We’ll get together at the bar area of the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel on Wednesday, March 27th at 7 PM but I hope we’ll be able to move to a different area.  And even if you haven’t had the chance to read or finish the book, join us anyway for what is sure to be a fun and informative evening!

    We hope to see you there!

    Save the Date!

    The title isn’t firm yet, but the date and topic are, and we are thrilled to announce our October conference:


    Global Freedom Movements

    October 5 and 6 
    a two-day conference

    Yes, the news is full of a lot of lunacy these days.  But what is also apparent is a wind – a STRONG wind – of freedom gusting across the globe.  Brazil’s new President Bolsonaro; Austria’s new Chancellor Sebastian Kurz; increasing countries in Europe standing for their own sovereignty including of course the Brexit movement; France’s “Yellow Vest” uprisings – these are just a few examples of freedom movements arising around the world.  
    Join us for this extraordinary two-day conference where we bring together many of the key players from all over to hear the stories of  the battles they’re waging, the successes and challenges they’re facing, and what we can do to empower these freedom fighters.

    The first conference, of course, tees up the second: there’s no doubt that much of what these freedom fighters are battling are the results of the Left’s too-successful Long March. 

    You won’t want to miss it. 

    More information and links for reservations and sponsorship opportunities coming soon. But for now, be sure to save the date.  

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    The American Freedom Alliance is on the front lines of the battle against those who seek to destroy our culture and our freedoms.  We give voice to those who speak the truth, even in the face of the relentless efforts to silence them, and silence us.  We host conferences and lectures to educate on issues that others labor tirelessly to quash.  Because of our being on the SPLC “Hate List” – it would be funny if it weren’t so serious – a number of avenues of fundraising are denied us, so we are dependent on requests like these to keep our doors open, our website up, our events realized.  So please, we urge you – give once, give monthly, but please give.  Every dollar counts.  


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