Saturday, November 26, 2022
60.1 F

    Ventura County Taxpayers Association presents a luncheon discussing the Importance of Protecting Prop 13!



    About the Ventura County Taxpayers Association (VCTA)

    The Ventura County Taxpayer’s Association (VCTA) is a non-partisan 501(C)(4) organization emphasizing issues that affect Ventura County.

    We inform taxpayers, promote the wise use of public funds, oppose waste, advise public officials regarding issues of concern to taxpayers and recommend positions that will best serve the taxpayers’ interests.

    VCTA has been looking out for the interests of taxpayers in Ventura County since 1954 – over 60 years. VCTA believes in efficient, effective and transparent government.

    Ventura County Taxpayers Association

    PO Box 23223

    Ventura, CA 93002

    (805) 744-7351

    [email protected] |


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