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    You are invited to: Christians At the Polls- Saturday, June 4

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    On Saturday, June 4, 2016, we welcome those interested to join us for a discussion on Christians’ responsibility at the polls at the Ventura Carrows Restaurant, 2401 E. Harbor Blvd. from 6-8 p.m.

    Rafael Dagnesses, California Congressional 26th District candidate is the main speaker talking about “America At The Crossroads.”   Leading the discussion is Michael Hernandez, former journalist and founder of History Makers International.

    Our premise is that Christians should no more skip voting than they should skip going to church and that a LOT is at stake this year. Yet, many do skip the polls, because they are disgusted with politics and politicians, believing them to be un-Christian, immoral and unworthy of their attention and support.

     “Just because you do not take an interest in politics
    doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”

    – attributed to Pericles, leading statesman of the Greek Golden Age


    Our responsibility as Christians to vote in this upcoming election is more significant than the national news services report. The nation is at a turning point and we will share some significant issues to Christians, which are affected by politics, how and what you might do about it.

    The candidates you support, in the general election, in the primary election (which many ignore) and even before that, when many important decisions are made which affect who you can even vote for, are of great concern. You can affect that by vetting who you support and what you tell them is important. The support of groups/organizations gets more attention and has more affect than just one person.

    Many people are being made to feel that they are unimportant, by political operators who demean, even ignore their constituents. This is not just about politicians- it is about how to empower Citizens to have a voice in a process which affects their families’ lives. People can be part of the story, but first they need to awaken to the realities and the path to change needed.

    Those interested in joining a campaign to strategize how Christians “can have a voice in American politics” and those interested in joining History Makers “win the language war” are encouraged to attend the first of a series of monthly meetings to be held every first Saturday until the elections in November.


    The meeting is Saturday, June 4, 2016, 6-8 PM, sponsored by History Makers International. Info:  [email protected]Location: Carrows Restaurant, at Seaward and Harbor, 2401 E Harbor Blvd, Ventura, CA 93001, right near the 101 exit. 

    If you should choose to have the optional dinner, it’s $18. This is requested, because we are getting a room to use for free and would like to see the restaurant make something, in return for a good, economical meal.



    Michael Hernandez, is a Co-Founder of the Citizens Journal, Founder of History Makers International and is a former Southern California daily newspaper journalist and religion and news editor.  He can be contacted at  [email protected] or by calling (818) 263-9881.

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