YOU, Election Integrity, and being BRAVE

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YOU, Election Integrity, and being BRAVE
Businesses Representing American Values & Enterprises

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BRAVE is a grassroots group that formed in January 2021. It is an unincorporated association supporting small businesses and our communities during extraordinary times of financial and social crises and change. BRAVE businesses, their customers and supporters know that America’s future prosperity depends on us, the BRAVE business owners who open our doors, serve our customers, and support our communities!

We are small business owners, employees, customers, and supporters. We are hard-working men and women. Like everyone else, we have bills to pay and families to feed. Before COVID, our small businesses supported our kids’ sports teams and schools, local charities, our churches, and many other worthy community causes. We helped care for our local parks, beaches, and plazas. We LOVE where we live, go to school, worship, and DO BUSINESS!

Opening our small businesses fully AND KEEPING THEM OPEN is the only way to restore the fellowship and health of our local neighborhoods and larger communities.

BRAVE is honored to sponsor a free community event about election integrity. A former Ventura County couple who moved several years ago to Arizona, are deeply involved with the audit taking place in Maricopa County, Arizona. Jeff and Indy Rudhun are examining the paper, machinery, and process. Their work, observations, analysis, and reporting on events from the frontlines is news and information you will not get from mainstream media.

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WHEN: Friday, June 11 from 7-9 pm (We will sit outside the tasting room.)
WHERE: Giessinger Winery, 3059 Willow Lane, Thousand Oaks
WHAT: Election Integrity |An Eyewitness and boots on the ground report from two folks working on the Arizona
Election Audit!
NOTE: You MUST bring your own folding chair!
PARKING: ½ block away at the Business Park.
FUN: There will be drinks for sale from the winery and, you are encouraged to bring snacks to share if you’d like
to eat.

PLUS: Additional community service groups will also be presenting including EIPCa-Election Integrity Project,
California; PERK-Protecting Educational Rights for Kids, and Move The Needle.

The smallest unit of society is the family. Our family’s influence shapes our whole lives. Politics doesn’t get any
more local than family! BRAVE is not a political organization, but we are active, interested, Americans who
believe in individual responsibility and who are ready to demand integrity and accountability from our elected
officials. One way we do this is through elections. But, if the elections are not honest and fair, if the voting
process lacks integrity, then people we choose to govern constitutionally are unlikely to be seated!

BRAVE is about community. Please join us for an exciting, eye-opening evening.

RSVP is required: [email protected]



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