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    Your dog can be trained to avoid rattlesnakes–August 9th


    What:    Rattlesnake Avoidance Training for Dogs

    When:   Saturday August 9th

    Where: Malibu

    Cost:    $95 per dog  

    (Walk-ins: $10 more – if time permits. Call for address) 

    Pre-Registration suggested.  Space is limited!

    For more info Rattlesnake Avoidance Information  or to Register go to:  Rattlesnake Avoidance Signup  or call 805.523.3432

    dog.snakeRattlesnake Avoidance Training is a process of conditioning an avoidance response by pairing something unpleasant with the sight, for sale sound and scent of rattlesnakes so the dog will want to avoid any rattlesnakes it becomes aware of.   

    If your dog is in danger of encountering a rattlesnake either in your own yard or out on a hiking trail the best thing you can do is have your dog trained to avoid rattlesnakes. Many dogs do not instinctively know to stay away from rattlesnakes and instead are curious and try to get closer for a better look or a better smell and end up being bitten, remedy usually on the face or neck.

    Not only can it save your dogs’ life but if you are observant of your dogs’ after training avoidance behavior, pill it can alert you to the presence of a rattlesnake and prevent you from being bitten as well.

    We hope that by taking part in this training the dog as well as the owner will be spared the pain and distress (as well as the considerable expense) caused by the dog becoming a victim of a rattlesnake bite.


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