American Freedom Alliance  Announces its 2014 Summer Conference Failing Grades: The Crisis in Teaching on Our University Campuses An International Conference      featuring                                             Victor Davis Hanson, Herbert London, John M. Ellis, Geoffrey Alderman, Mark Bauerlein,  James Enstrom, Dr. James Geddes, E. Christian Kopff, Daniel Lowenstein, Tom Lucero, Barak Lurie Charles C. Johnson, Brian T. Kennedy, Sarkis Khory,  Matthew Malkan, Velma […]

Sunday August 21st The Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel Los Angeles, CA Terrorism and the loss of Western Civilization are two of the most pressing issues we face today. Given the barbaric violence throughout the US and the Western world, the influx of refugees here and abroad, the danger posed by Iran, and the rise of ISIS and global jihad […]

AMERICAN FREEDOM ALLIANCE Invites You To Our November 2017 Conference November 5 11AM – 4 PM Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel The Left’s tsunami of hate is vicious, violent and dangerous.  Their claims of “tolerance” and of “embracing diversity” are (almost) laughably false, and are only a part of the deception in service of their warfare against any kind of ideological dissent.  […]

The National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and the National Center for Appropriate Technology are hosting the Third Annual “Growing Together” Latino Farmer Conference specifically designed for Spanish speaking farmers, ranchers and members of agricultural organizations. Registration is open now for the November 7 conference to be held from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. at the UC-Riverside Palm […]

Ventura, CA – Tickets are still available for the Nurturing Hope Conference – hosted by Casa Pacifica Centers for Children and Families and the International Child and Youth Care Network. Youth care specialists are flying in from all over the world to attend this first of its kind conference – combining the Biennial California Community Services […]

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association   Contribute You are receiving this email because you subscribed on the HJTA website, or you provided your address in response to direct mail.  Please see the bottom of this message to unsubscribe. Save the Date! You’re invited! Join us on Saturday, September 8th, for the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association 40th […]

Event Announcement Our May 5th Conference on the Left’s Long March through the Institutions was a day-long exploration of the various ways in which the Left has been carrying on its “Revolution” throughout the culture, here and abroad. Our October Conference is a neat follow-up to it, showcasing those areas across the globe where individuals […]

American Fredom Alliance     Sunday March 8th 4 PM – 8 PM   The American Freedom Alliance invites you   Last year, the Save Korea Foundation helped inspire our Global Freedom Movements conference; in addition, they sponsored it, and also hosted a powerful panel with four dynamic speakers on the topic of South Korea. This […]