‘Steelhead Life History; Water Talk’ on February 27 at 6:30pm at the WAV (Working Artists Ventura) Community Room, 175 S Ventura Ave (street parking).  Southern steelhead are an ocean going form of rainbow trout, which continues to survive in Southern California despite great environmental stress and being federally endangered.  Learn how steelhead live, where they […]

Southern steelhead are an ocean going form of rainbow trout that need freshwater for survival, and cold, clean water within their environment is vital to the species success.   Water quality in the Santa Clara River, its estuary and tributaries, essential steelhead freshwater environments in Southern California, have deteriorated as a result of pollutants draining off […]

Innovative stewardship approaches are key to a sustainable freshwater ecosystem’s health.  What is freshwater stewardship?  How does it apply to the Santa Clara River?  Case studies from similar watershed and ecosystems around the state as well as locally is scheduled to be discussed at the Water Talk ‘Santa Clara River Freshwater Stewardship Corridor’ on April […]

Ventura County-CA: Southern steelhead need unobstructed passage throughout the length of the Santa Clara River, from the ocean to the upstream areas of tributary creeks, to complete their lifecycle and reproduce.  Experts on fish and water issues will explain how much flow is needed to provide minimum depth for fish when they migrate, and how to […]