Pepperdine School of Public Policy     While we’ve sold out our VIP seating, there are still seats available to see one of the world’s leading human rights activists in one of her only college campus appearances in the United States. From Somalia to the Netherlands to the United States, Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been […]

Pepperdine School of Public Policy   The battles over how we teach and understand our country’s past are raging like few times in America’s history, resulting in the tearing down of statues and deep divisions on the creation of history and civics coursework. At the School of Public Policy, we have always valued the importance of […]

          Pepperdine School of Public Policy With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, America became a nation of home-schoolers. As we plan for a new school year, how much of the “old normal” will return? This is the premise for a new webinar series we’re calling “The Path Back to School”, engaging […]

        Pepperdine School of Public Policy After a terrific first webinar in our new “Quest for Community” series, we’re excited to announce the next one featuring Heather MacDonald (Manhattan Institute), Christopher Caldwell (Claremont Institute) and the policy school’s “own”, Dr. Ted McAllister. The topic will be the disturbing growth of the Administrative State is weakening (if […]