SPECIAL OFFER FOR YOU Save $150 dollars if you book before July 23 Coupon Code 50EAA2017 A personal message from Kathleen Kaiser.If you don’t know the whirlwind named Zhena Muzyka, you should. She is a tea enterprenuer turned author, turned editorial scout for Simon & Schuster, turned publisher with her own imprint at S&S. And […]

  The Acuna Arts Collective   With Books You Can Let Your Imagination Fly | Con Libros Puedes Volar con tu Imaginacion The Acuna Arts Collective  is proud to present a Book Fair on March 9 featuring local writers/Escritores: Florencia Ramirez, Amada Perez, Rene Corado, Leo Hernandez, Martin Gonzalez, Jose Mendoza, Dennis O’Leary, Javier Gomez, […]