Evil, greedy white men of GOP Establishment

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The raging war against political outsider and presidential candidate Donald Trump by the likes of failed and pathFreedom-Watchetic former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, or the overstuffed corrupt political operative Karl Rove, among many other so-called conservatives – like the sanctimonious writers and contributors of the moribund publications National Review and Weekly Standard – is not about ideology; rather, it is about cold hard cash and power. Simply put, the phony conservative establishment types of the Republican Party fear that by losing control of the reigns of their past domination in Washington, D.C., and the 50 state capitals, their financial and power gravy train will dry up. The Republican establishment fears that Donald Trump, who has so much money and now political power, will not continue to stuff their pockets with money at the expense of the American people.

Again, I am not endorsing Donald Trump, but to tell you the truth I have great sympathy for his push to remove the cancer of the so-called conservative Republican establishment from the body politic of the nation before it, along with the Democratic Party left, both literally kill us.

I myself am a proud conservative, with libertarian leanings. Like many of my generation, who saw in real time what President Ronald Reagan did to restore confidence and greatness to the country, I tear up when I see the Gipper on video during my many visits to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. Years ago, when in 2003-2004 I ran for the U.S. Senate seat now occupied only in spirit by ineligible Republican establishment presidential candidate Marco Rubio, who rarely even shows up to vote, I gave an announcement speech at the Reagan Library, a speech you can find on Freedom Watch’s website. This was one of the greatest honors of my life.

President Ronald Reagan, who could connect personally to the American people on a human level, ironically much like Donald Trump using other forms of oratory (some not so pleasant or diplomatic), was a true conservative. But like Trump, he was not rigid and could compromise with adversaries, after using maximum pressure to bring them to the bargaining table. This helps explain why the former Soviet Union threw in the towel and virtually collapsed after Reagan effectively threatened them with financial ruin by rebuilding our military with far-sighted defense measures like “Star Wars,” a planned space-based intercontinental missile defense system. This and other Reagan measures brought Premier Mikhail Gorbachev and his Communist regime to the bargaining table, where both leaders later compromised in agreeing to reduce the size of their over-bloated nuclear arsenals – furthering greater strategic security for both nations. Reagan, like Trump years later, understood “The Art of the Deal”: take strong measures, bluff if necessary, and in the end get what you want by compromise: mostly on one’s own terms.

While so-called conservatives in the Republican establishment accuse Trump of trying to foment a trade war by putting the screws to countries like China, Japan and Mexico through threatened import taxes, tariffs and quotas, as essentially a free trader, Trump’s threats are merely leverage to get these outlaw nations to stop devaluing their currency, which has given them a huge advantage. This will in the end work the “Art of the Deal.” And, when The Donald threatens to build, at Mexico’s expense, a high wall to keep illegal immigrants, criminals and terrorists from flooding across the border, he is telling the universally accepted most corrupt government in the world that either they have to put up or shut up. And, indeed, that is what such low-class criminals like former Mexican presidents Fox and Calderon – who last week trashed Trump as the modern-day equivalent of Hitler – should do! These disgusting morons are not exemplary of the Mexican people themselves, who have been raped and pillaged by their own vile politicians for too long. I have often said that by invading Iraq and prosecuting this failed war over the last decade and more, we liberated the wrong people. It would have been much more worthwhile and productive to have invaded Mexico and liberated the Mexican people. Maybe then the wall would not prove as important.

Donald Trump is not the be all and end all. He is likely not a true conservative. But the American people, like myself, are sick and tired of the “Porky Pigs” of the so-called conservative Republican establishment feeding at the trough and then raping and pillaging them, much like these two former presidents of Mexico did to their people.

Perhaps this helps explain why, as The Donald predicted, Latinos are actually voting for him in fairly large numbers during the Republican primaries. His strong “Art of the Deal” pressure tactics, a la President Reagan, will in the end benefit them and their families, both here and in their native countries.

But what will not fly are the antics of the evil, greedy white men of the so-called conservative Republican establishment who, through their jealousies and fear of losing control of the gravy train of money and political influence, are, like Muslim suicide bombers, willing to blow up the entire conservative movement and figuratively the nation to maintain their total control of political and economic power. Led by the ultimate loser, Mitt Romney, whose lack of courage in taking on the mullah in chief during the last presidential election resulted in the political disasters of the last four years – from continued Obamacare, to the existential and fatal Iran nuclear treaty, to a mountain of unconstitutional executive orders on immigration, guns and the environment, to name just a few – this conservative Republican establishment has allowed the nation to be brought down to its knees.

It is ironic, if not tragic, that Romney and his masters of the so-called conservative Republican establishment can use high-decibel vicious and libelous oratory to try to destroy Donald Trump, when they have essentially looked the other way as the real criminal, President Barack Hussein Obama, plundered the country during his presidency. While it is apparently OK for a white man to try to destroy another white man, these evil and greedy cowards cower in the face of the destructive actions of Obama for fear of being branded racists.

It is no wonder The Donald will soon be the presidential nominee of the Republican Party. What other choice do real conservatives have? Ronald Reagan was loathed by this establishment, and in the end – no pun intended – he stuck it up their political derrieres and went to become one of the greatest presidents in American history.


Larry Klayman is the Founder of Freedom Watch USA and Judicial Watch, specializing in public interest litigation

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  1. William "Bill" Hicks March 11, 2016 at 7:57 am

    Well researched article.


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