Evildoers on the Loose

By John Jay


There are many things I would like to say about all of the mass hysteria and rioting, and some other things, but I have only a limited amount of space to do so, so here goes: 
With all of the street terrorism going on around the country, via Antifa and other wing nuts, and the much lower police protection, the response for the rest of us is obvious:  Buy a gun or guns and be able to use them quickly when you are being threatened by the street terrorists!  The police will not be there to help you while you are beaten, robbed, or killed. They will come along after you have been beaten, robbed, or killed, and write their reports! If a miracle takes place, they might be able to arrest the street terrorists who got you!  Learn  about gun safety, and practice at a local gun range, like “Shooters Paradise”.  And remember  the best statement the NRA ever put out to anyone: “It is better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.”
With respect to the “Black Lives Matter” crowd’s loud, vocal demands, let me say this about that:  All  lives  matter (brown lives, red lives, white lives, and black lives).    Instead of rioting, looting, and insulting police so much the BLM crowd should try to do something about the horrible slaughter from black on black shootings. Why are black people killing each other at such a rapid pace?  According to a recent FBI or DOJ report, 79 % of all shooting victims this year were black!  That does not indicate brotherly love to me, but rather true hatred for each other!
And NO, I am NOT a racist.  I am a white, 75 year old Vietnam veteran, and 80 percent  of my close friends are Latino/Hispanic, or black.  My wife was born in southern
Mexico about 60 years ago.
JOHN JAY, Oxnard resident, “Voice of Truth”

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Erlich King
Erlich King
10 months ago

It seems like it’s only going to get worst, and those people will become more desperate.