Examiner editorial: Rob McCoy for Assembly District 44




By Los Angeles Examiner

source: http://www.losangelesregister.com/articles/mccoy-604995-irwin-assembly.html


LAExaminerBallotpedia lists races in only eight of California’s 80 Assembly districts to be either competitive or mildly competitive. One of those races is in the 44th, which includes the Ventura County cities of Camarillo, Moorpark, Newbury Park, Oxnard, Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village.

In March, Democrat Jacqui Irwin won the three-person primary with 45 percent of the vote. She was followed by Republican Rob McCoy, who finished runner-up, and another Republican contender. Together, the pair claimed 55 percent of the primary vote.

Ms. Irwin, the two-time mayor of Thousand Oaks, described herself to us as a “pragmatic Democrat” who also is “very nonpartisan.”

But, in the next breath, she lambasted Mr. McCoy, pastor of a Thousand Oaks church, for his putative “far-right ideology,” which is evidenced, she said, by the support he has elicited from the Tea Party and libertarian Rand Paul.

Well, we don’t think Mr. McCoy’s association, such as it is, with the Tea Party or Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul makes him a right-wing ideologue.

Certainly no more so than the endorsements Ms. Irwin has received from NARAL Pro-Choice America and nine of the state Legislature’s most liberal lawmakers (as rated by the American Conservative Union) makes her a left-wing ideologue.

We have assessed both candidates based on where they stand on the issues of importance to residents of the 44th Assembly District, and the Register concludes that Mr. McCoy is the better fit for the district.

Both Mr. McCoy and Ms. Irwin say they want to create jobs.

But Ms. Irwin thinks the way to get there is by such public policies as “investing in transit and renewable energy.” Mr. McCoy, on the other hand, thinks the key to job creation is “growing our economy,” which, we believe, is the far better approach than throwing taxpayer money at favored industries.

Both the Democrat and Republican are committed to balancing the state budget. And they agree that “cutting wasteful spending” needs to part of the process.

But Ms. Irwin thinks the state government must “establish new sources of funding.” And the way to get there, she proposes, is by “closing loopholes” and, again, by “investing in renewable energy.”

Mr. McCoy has a better idea, we think. He proposes to do away with “boondoggles like high-speed rail,” with its $68 billion price tag (for now). And he rules out the new taxes Ms. Irwin proposes, declaring that Californians are “taxed enough already.”

Voters in the 44th Assembly District elected Republican Jeff Gorrell to represent them two years ago. If they were happy with Mr. Gorrell, who is vying for a congressional seat this election year, we think they’ll be no less happy if Mr. McCoy succeeds him in Sacramento.


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