Facebook reached out to me in a survey about their service. My reply…



By John Wurts,

There is too much censorship. Facebook seems to be heavily biased against conservatives and Christians. I was once even told by Facebook that a post was against community standards. The post was about a local theater showing the 1960’s Broadway musical “The Sound of Music” which is rated PG, and extols the virtues of family, faith, patriotism, bravery, and resistance to Nazi tyranny.

It causes one to wonder what Facebook community standards are based on. Is Facebook anti family, anti Christian/Jewish, anti patriotic, and are its censors populated with leftists, Muslims, communists, and anti western culture heathens?

If so, they are not the standards of most Americans. Either stop censoring altogether, or repopulate your thought police from church going conservatives so that you are no longer driving people away. Why not try real free speech? Get rid of all the leftist algorithms you are obviously using and let ideas flow freely. Stop being Orwellian thought police and let people speak freely. Otherwise

Facebook will end up like ATT, broken into a myriad tiny pieces through anti trust action by several federal agencies and it will no longer exist in its present form. Facebook must become more family friendly, more christian friendly, more conservative friendly, more patriotism friendly or it will cease to exist altogether. Conservative platforms must be reinstated, and no longer removed.

Otherwise the coming conservative backlash will wipe the whole enterprise away.

Thank you for asking for input and I hope it is received in the spirit of helping Facebook survive, as that is the sentiment I wish to convey. I hope you do what is necessary to save it.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

John Wurts – John Wurts Financial Services is one of the leading firms in and throughout Woodland Hills, CA.

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Mike Smith

Said John Wurts, “Facebook will end up like ATT, (sic) broken into a myriad tiny pieces through anti trust action by several federal agencies and it will no longer exist in its present form.”

What evidence is there, to assume this?

There was a MAJORITY-REPUBLICAN Congress during President Trump’s first two years, yet there is still no effective southern border barrier in place. If the cartels go unopposed, why would Facebook consider a future majority-GOP Congress a threat?

>OnlyWhat< platforms?

Did John Wurts mean to say, 'narratives'?

C E Voigtsberger

What is face book and why should I be concerned about it?


From what I have seen, Thanks Project Veritas, these Facebook sensors are just ordinary, historically ignorant, Millennials. They are snowflake Millennials, that’s it.


Why don’t conservatives develop their own platforms???

Sheryl hamlin