Failed erosion reduction project by Ventura Pier

By David Pu’u

Image from a time lapse series shot last night here in Ventura that illustrates what surfers must deal with if they get swept down point on a W or N swell. Typically first responders will roll up on the other side of the pier and assist (State Lifeguards) if necessary.


But a failed erosion reduction project has caused a steep cobble stone (river rock) wall to form, creating a public safety hazard and a potentially serious complication for ocean users in general and surfers in particular, that has already become the source of quite a few exciting stories and some injuries. I think the first time I saw this place was around 1967. I have seen the results of every El Nino since as I have been in the water on our coast since then. I have never seen anything like this. Interesting to say the least. Samsung NX1


David Pu’u is an internationally recognized photographer and cinematographer with broad experience ranging from editorial publication, to television and feature film production. Currently David is lead creative and CEO of Neocreative Inc, which develops and licenses IP related to Photography, Literature and Film. He is Co Founder of OceanLovers Collective Inc.  He holds a Certification as a Rescue Boat Operator and First Responder via K38 Maritime and AWA, and is trained in risk assessment and mitigation in marine environments.  About David Pu’u; See David Pu’u’s blog:

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4 years ago

All of this was sand. The Junior Lifeguards waded in from the sandy beach on the north side of the pier for their season-end- round -the-pier swim, came up on a sandy beach on the south side. Hot dogs, burgers, awards on the sand. I’m sure there are photos.

William "Bill" Hicks
William "Bill" Hicks
4 years ago

It puts a different angle on the term “stoned.”