Fair Political Practices Commission Is Investigating SOAR and Supervisor Steve Bennett For Violations of Political Reform Act


search arial, see sans-serif;”>press_release_iconVentura – The SUSTAIN VC Campaign Committee announced today that it was informed by the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) that an investigation has been opened into possible violations of the  by Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett and his “SOAR” political committee.

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The complaint centers around the fact that Bennett is listed as a controlling officer of the SOAR political committee, and that SOAR did not file pre-election statements leading up to the June 2016 primary election as required by the Political Reform Act when a candidate or elected official is on the ballot and also controls another PAC.

“The purpose of the law is clear – maximum disclosure of ALL contributions to candidates on the ballot in a timely fashion before the election so that voters can determine if they are unduly influenced by contributors,” said SUSTAIN VC attorney, Sarah Lang. “Bennett is listed as controlling SOAR, he was on the ballot, and the voters had a right to know whether major donations to the SOAR Committee he controlled had influenced or would influence his actions on the Board of Supervisors before the election. By what appears to be a clear violation of the Political Reform Act, Bennett and SOAR hid that information from the voters.”

In a letter dated September 30, 2016 to the SUSTAIN VC attorney, the Enforcement Division of the FPPC acknowledged that it was investigating Bennett and SOAR after receiving the complaint filed earlier that month.

“In a routine review of donor reporting from the competing SOAR Measure C, SUSTAIN VC found that the pre-election reports required for all candidate-controlled campaign committees had not been filed on the deadlines leading up to the June election,” said Sarah Lang, Attorney for SUSTAIN VC.  This violation is particularly troubling because Bennett and the SOAR committee have built their entire campaign in favor of Measure C and against Measure F on the baseless charge that all farmers behind Measure F are secretly developers who want to pave over their farms, yet it was Bennett and his SOAR committee who have taken well over $100,000 from a developer who appears to have had preferential treatment, having the Fillmore CURB line moved to allow hillside development on his property after making donations to Bennett and SOAR, some of which came to light only after the June election when SOAR finally filed a campaign report.

Copies of the complaint, supporting documentation and the FPPC investigation letter are attached.  All documents and materials concerning the Fillmore CURB issue are available upon request.

Read the Letter: FPPC Letter 9-30-16

Read the Complaint: FPPC Complaint SOAR SUBMITTED

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William "Bill" Hicks

Although Linda Parks is not up for reelection, she has played an active role in SOAR.

Even further removed, but has played an active role in SOAR, and states his support for extending to 2050 SOAR as part of his reelection statements, is Thousand Oaks City Council Member Adam.