Farewell President Trump – We Salute You!



by Naomi Fisher

I wonder how many U.S. citizens realize when Joe Biden is sworn in and opens our borders that WE no longer will remain the United States of America – a sovereign nation?

Those setting foot inside our borders will not be required to learn our history, will not have to learn the unique civic rule of the soil they now call home, will not have any clue as to what made that state a unique part of the whole of our great nation.

That makes me wonder if our Pledge of Allegiance will continue to be used?

An open statement to President Trump:

Those of us who stood behind you tried our best to enlighten others to what was coming, what stood right in front of their faces. But too many of our populace had become soft; become mentally weak and lazy. They preferred to be spoon fed propaganda rather than to spend the time to research, to analyze and decode – a necessity of voting – to understand true dedication such as yours to our country.

IF they had made use of their citizens’ rights to do so and spent the time to insist their state senators and representatives clean up their act, then perhaps Congress would have stood behind you – as it should have.

IF most of the fat cat members of Congress had done their jobs, had kept their sworn oath to protect the U.S. and its people then we never would have arrived at this devastating point that is threatening our Nation’s survival. But too many members of Congress were willing to take the handout and look the other way – rather than fulfill their oath.

The too few honest members in Congress didn’t stand a chance. They tried, but they were sorely outnumbered. They lacked the power, as did we – and you.

I shall never forget you telling the United Nations, “America has always been and will always be an independent Nation.” In my opinion, that was one of your finest hours and you had so many others! Such as withdrawing us from TPP and bringing Long Beach Harbor back to the U.S.

When it became obvious how corrupt Congress had become, not enough citizens had done their research or stayed on top of the machination in Washington, D.C., or raised their voices to be heard. They had not even bothered to take the short amount of time to make phone calls, write letters, or send texts.

Our Countrymen failed you, us, and the United States.

As I said above, they had become mentally lazy, therefore uncaring enough to let the government run itself.

They had forgotten or ignored one of the most important truths of this world: ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY!

Again, many of us backed you, President Trump. We tried hard to educate others on what we stand for. We were the ones who contacted our state and federal offices, who walked and drove the street yelling, proudly wore our red, white and blue and praised your effort in the written word in newspapers such as this one.

An aside: I must say here that I have been proud to write articles for this paper. It has stood for truth, justice, and the American way, since the day of its inception.

So, whatever befalls our Country from here on, at least you and the many of us can sleep well with the knowledge that we did our best.

Regardless of how the fake news, lame-stream media, and those who are corrupted paint you, we, your supporters know how hard you tried and what you stood for.

Farewell, Mr. President. We salute you!

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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Good riddance to bad rubbish.


President Trump Made America Great Again. God help us now.


If “great” means bitterly divided, sick, dying, poor, and overtly racist we can all agree, I guess.

God help us quickly undue the shameful and un-Christian last 4 years.


Obama bitterly divided America. It’s easy to “cancel” the conversation when you attack the other side so easily.


It’s amazing how skin colour can be a divisive issue for some people. There is a word for that.

Michael A....

It’s a shame how DJT was treated. His treated illustrates the corruption at our countries highest levels. His treatment also illustrates the need to thoroughly take down media and tech giants. They prove themselves to be useless, corrupt, coordinated, nasty and dangerous. So thanks for that DJT and my hope is you use your time and energy to start a media empire to fight the junk that passes for media today.


Thank you both. I just wish I would have had room to enter both your comments in my article.


Might as well put all the deplorables in the same basket. They’re going to get broken through their own stupidity anyway.


Gratitude is an underused virtue, so thank you Naomi! Considering the forces arrayed against President Trump, his four years of work for all Americans and our Constitutional principles was amazing.


DJT has already started his media company. MAGA2024