FBI Finds NEW Clinton Emails



By Naomi Fisher

Now there’s more proof. We have released 37 pages of new Clinton emails recently “found” by the FBI that show the former secretary of state using her unsecure, non-government email to transmit classified information.”

This, after she swore under oath that she had turned over all her personal emails to the FBI.

A stupid move by an evil doer with power.

When is our Government going to quit playing footsie with this woman? Now the FBI has proof positive that she lied under oath. It is time for Washington DC to take a stand and convict her of perjury to Congress and send her to prison.

Let’s face it. If any of us, John/Jane Q. Public, lies under oath in any court we are sent to jail or prison. Here we have proof that a top official of the Government perjured to Congress! And we sit, waiting to see if justice will be done. Or will Hillary, like all the rest of the vicious wrong doers in DC escape even getting her hands slapped?

Hillary Clinton should NOT be given special treatment because of her former position, because of her money or political contacts or her personal, wealthy or influential friends. Otherwise, when is the “preferential treatment” of “white collar crimes” going to end? The perpetrators of white collar or Government crimes are still criminals and much more dangerous because their actions affect so many more citizens.

Witness Hillary Clinton. We had citizens, troops and undercover agents lose their lives because of her actions or inactions; because of her careless use of the internet with classified information. Because of her carelessness and unconcern our Nation had other undercover agents have to flee for their lives or be relocated or brought home.

Talking with people “in the know” everyone in a confidential position in Government, especially Secretary of State, is given detailed instructions on how to use the internet with regard to classified information. And I’m sure, if she could not remember or read the instructions someone would have gladly helped her. But did she ask for help? No. Instead, she used her unsecured email account.

Now there is proof she lied to the FBI, our USA Citizens and our Congress! Which proves my point. This woman is a criminal.

Is there anyone out there willing to start a petition to have her charged, tried and convicted of perjury. How about it? I’ll gladly sign it. Unfortunately I am unable to do so at this time.

We need to make a stand against those bloodsuckers who feel they can take advantage of our Country and those of us less “important” in their eyes. They need to learn they are no better, deserve no more special treatment than the rest of us; that they too, will be brought to justice. 

Let’s start taking back our Country and get all unscrupulous bloodsuckers like and including Hillary out of office and political power, and in prison.

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Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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Why does anyone have to start a petition? Why isn’t the FBI doing their job?

Sheila Reilly

Dear God! The “deep state” is nothing but a bunch of idiots following like sheep, the rants of a dangerous con man and a GOP too interested in keeping their congressional paychecks over our democracy. STOP the ongoing BULLSHIT on Hillary (no longer a public figure) and focus on NOW, you damn stupid fools. And, William, please learn the difference between empirical evidence and propaganda- the very survival of our democracy and world leadership is on the line.

William Hicks


OH I forgot, according to pelosi, it’s allegations that matter , not evidence.

Imcalled This

Cry cry cry is all you do

William Hicks

The FBI, in concert with The House, can spend hours and precious tax dollars creating fake charges for impeachment of an innocent President, but with empirical evidence can’t charge Hillary Clinton with anything; that’s how deep the deep state is.