February, A Pride-filled Month for Republicans

 by Deborah Baber Savalla

In February we celebrate Presidents’ Day and Black History month. And, a student of history might rightly claim to celebrate February as Republican Presidents’ Day AND Republican Black History Month.

Too many among us do not know the story behind Presidents’ Day and Black History Month nor the significance of the celebrations to American patriotism.

George Washington died in 1799. A year later on his birthday, February 22nd, celebrations began in honor of our first President. The centennial of his birth (1832) and the construction start of the Washington Monument (1848) were cause for national recognition.

In 1879, Republican President Rutherford B. Hayes signed into law February 22nd as a day to celebrate George Washington. The holiday only applied to Washington, DC until 1885 when it became a Federal holiday alongside New Year’s Day, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

In the 1960s Republican Senator Robert McClory (IL) promoted the “Uniform Monday Holiday Act”. He added to the  bill recognition of Republican President Abraham Lincoln’s February 12th birthday.

Republican President Ronald Reagan was also born in February!

And Black History Month?

In 1915 an American Black scholar, Dr. Carter G. Woodson, was in Chicago. He attended a national celebration of the 50-year anniversary of the abolition of slavery by Republican President Abraham Lincoln.

Nine years later Dr. Woodson sent out a press release announcing the first Negro History Week in February. He chose February to honor Republican President Abraham Lincoln and famed Republican Abolitionist and Orator Frederick Douglass. Both Republicans were born in February.

In 1976, our bicentennial year, Republican President Gerald Ford proclaimed February as Black History Month.

The point is NOT to change the name to Republican-this or Republican-that. Rather it is to further illustrate how Republican values have shaped our nation for the betterment of everyone at home and abroad.

 Deborah Baber Savalla is a member of the Channel Islands Republican Women Federated: I am a former New York City book publishing executive with over 20 years of experience. I believe in moral clarity because it leads naturally to personal responsibility which WILL RESULT in small governments. I am honored to be the President of the Channel Islands Republican Women Federated (CIRWF) and privileged to work for Citizens Journal. I write columns and editorials for the Journal as a private citizen and not staff or as President of CIRWF. I strive to be scrupulous when identifying my work as a private citizen versus that of a reporter or Journal contributor. The views expressed as a private individual are mine alone and are not necessarily that of Citizens Journal nor that of CIRWF.

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