Fed up with ‘tyranny’ and taxes: California group wants to secede from their own state

Without much fanfare, a California interest group staged a recent press conference in the state’s capital of Sacramento to announce its intention to form its own state. The name is simple. They plan …

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C E Voigtsberger
C E Voigtsberger
3 years ago

In any event, should New California be formed, those folks who would live in Old California, wanting to experience the return to Jeffersonian form of government would have to move. As long as the fridge is on the moving truck, why not go further east to a real free state? I had many suppliers in the Valley, after the Northridge earthquake move to Nevada or Arizona. When queried their reply was usually, “Well, I had been thinking about moving out of state before the earthquake. After I had everything loaded on trucks, I figured, why not get the h out of California all together?”

William Hicks
William Hicks
3 years ago

The smart move would to not get yourself fooled that you can achieve creating a new State.

If you’re tired of politic’s in california, and want to make a change, then the option of moving to a new state would have far fewer hurdles to get over then creating a new state.