Ferreting Out the Truth

By Phil Erwin

Appearing on Fox News Sunday (7/3/2016), Senator Xavier Becerra (D-CA) was responding to questions regarding the Presidential “suitability” of Hillary Clinton. He seemed very sincere and forthcoming in his answers, a likeable sort delivering (apparently) truthful, confident responses to host Shannon Bream’s questions. I found myself wanting to like him for his apparent sincerity.

But he was simply reciting a litany of talking points, repeated ad infinitum by Democrats in every news venue, and instead of liking him, I found myself shouting “WRONG!!” “INCORRECT!!” “LIES!!” after virtually every statement.

This illustrates the profoundly dangerous state of political discourse in the nation since the Iraq war. No longer are folks able to arrive at consensus views. We now have two fundamentally opposed views on every issue. They cannot both be right, and very few of us take the time to ferret out the Truth of things.

So let me do some ferreting for you, vis-à-vis the affable Senator’s confident “responses”:

 Senator Xavier Becerra

Senator Xavier Becerra

Becerra: The fact that there was a “chance encounter” (on an airplane) between the Attorney General and [former] President Clinton, who has no part in this [Hillary’s e-mail] investigation…

WRONG! The investigation potentially includes questions about the links between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department during Hillary’s tenure at State, as well as various payments from foreign entities to Bill Clinton for speeches when those entities has business before her Department. He is, at the very least, a potential witness; and may be a “person of interest” in the event wrongdoing is uncovered. And this was absolutely no “chance encounter.Bill Clinton delayed his airplane’s departure in order to “encounter” the AG on the tarmac.

Becerra: The fact that the Attorney General, whose integrity is not even in question, has said that she will rely on the recommendations of [the FBI investigators and career Prosecutors]… is a clear sign that those who know the facts are going to make the final call.

WRONG! Attorney General Lynch even allowing contact between herself and the former President while his wife is under investigation brings Lynch’s integrity immediately into question. She knows better! As does every lawyer in the country.   It is a clear violation of professional ethics and conduct. And those recommendations will come from people who report to Lynch, who reports to Obama! The implication that the “fix” is in was palpable; and FBI Director Comey’s subsequent don’t-indict announcement certainly did nothing to dispell that notion.

Becerra: There were no classified e-mails released by the Secretary.

WRONG! Becerra has absolutely no way to know this. (Even the FBI admits they cannot know this!) What we do know is that 1) there were at least 2000+ classified documents on Clinton’s private e-mail server, 2) we do not know what was in the 30,000+ deleted items, except that we know that some of them were work-related, 3) there was insufficient security on that server, and 4) intelligence experts say they would be “astonished” if foreign governments had not hacked and monitored Clinton’s server.

Becerra: [Some of those e-mails] were classified later, but [Clinton] herself did not expose any classified information.

WRONG!   Information is not Classified because it is marked as “Classified.” It is considered “Classified” by virtue of the content, whether it is ever actually marked as such or not. When a document is retroactively “up-classed,” it is a formal recognition of the level of Classification, not a sudden decision to “make” it Classified. So every single one of those 2000+ “Classified” e-mails on her server were potentially exposed. Becerra has no way to know otherwise.

Becerra: Secretary Clinton has said, “I’ve done what others have done… [communicate via private e-mail]

WRONG! This is a continuing Clinton/Democrat red herring. Everyone in government is free to use their own e-mail, but no one in government can do so for “sensitive” information, whether or not it is formally marked as “Classified.” Using private e-mail for government business was discouraged, and is now against the rules, because it requires extra effort and care to ensure that the retention requirements for all government documents are met. Clinton’s own State Department fired somebody for failing this requirement. And the Democrat littany notwithstanding, no other Secretary of State ever had their own private e-mail server.

Becerra: There was no way our military assets could not have made it [to Behghazi] in time, because they were being sent to Tripoli…

WRONG! The FAST response team was held for three hours in Spain, and made to change in and out of their uniforms four separate times, because the State Department was worried about the optics of having uniformed military action on Libyan soil without prior permission. Optics mattered more than American lives. Tripoli is less than an hour from Benghazi by air. Both the military and State knew very well that the need was in Benghazi. The Pentagon couldn’t re-route them while they were in the air? Utterly absurd.

Becerra: We’ve had nine separate investigations of Benghazi, and not one has found that [our military was wrong about the timing being impossible…] I think it’s unfair to blame our military for this…

WHO BLAMES THE MILITARY? It was the State Department that kept the military from responding as they were ready to do. Leon Panetta, the Secretary of Defense, had given the order to send help to Benghazi. Somebody got in the way of that order, and instead had the military playing musical uniforms in Spain. Who countermanded Panetta’s order? Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee tried repeatedly to get an answer to this fundamental question. The Obama Administration refuses to answer it. (Why?)

What those nine investigations really tell us is that there is no way for a ferret to find the Truth when a Democrat Administration wants to hide it.

Becerra: What we were hearing from our military intelligence and from our assets on the ground [in Benghazi] was that this disturbance could have been inspired by that video…

COMPLETE BULLS**T! The Administration had no doubts that this was a terrorist attack. Clinton herself said so within hours in communications to her daughter, the Libya’s President, and Egypt’s Prime Minister.   And the heroes of Benghazi all have said they heard nothing whatever about a video, it was a terrorist attack that they had suspected was being planned. Sean Smith, the Information Officer who died with Ambassador Stevens, had even e-mailed his feeling that he might die that night. He wasn’t watching a video. He was watching a terrorist “case” the compound, camera in hand. For Hillary to have hugged Smith’s mother over his coffin and promise to “get the people that made that video!” is the absolute height of cold-hearted, evil-tongued hypocrisy. Sean Smith worked for Hillary, who’s State Department had refused the Ambassador’s pleas for more security for an entire year!

So you can take that video, Congressman Becerra, and shove it where it belongs – right up Hillary’s lying ass.



Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He sometimes wishes he could support Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.) If his writing depresses you, he recommends you visit Chip Bok’s site for a more lighthearted perspective.


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  1. William "Bill" Hicks July 9, 2016 at 6:27 am

    Someone, or a whole political party, is lying. Who is lying. Who has a reputation for that may give you a clue to the answer.


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