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view times; font-size: 16px;”>By Gregory J. Welborn

ailment times; font-size: 16px;”>As a conservative, order I hate racism.  I hate it wherever it’s found and in all its forms.  I hate white racism against blacks; I hate black racism against whites; I hate the blatant racism of denying service to someone because of their skin color;  I hate the soft racism of low expectations, of assuming someone is incapable of honorable and responsible behavior because of their skin color.  Sadly, that is exactly what we’re seeing in Ferguson Missouri in the media coverage and comments from many self-anointed civil rights leaders.

The most egregious example of this comes from USA Today.  Its 8/14/14 front page image shows Ferguson’s police blotter in an obvious, but nonetheless ignorant, attempt to paint the town’s police and leadership as bigots. 

Police Stops:   white 686  black 4,632

Searches:         white   47  black    562

Arrests:            white   36  black    483

Without further comment, the paper – if we can seriously attribute to this rag that credibility – uses the first page of the story to document the riots without, of course, mentioning that blacks are torching their own community.  The page two continuation headline is “Witness:  Brown was shot ‘like and animal’”.  Without knowing the reality of what happened in Ferguson MO. when Michael Brown was killed by a police officer, USA Today would have its readers believe the facts are obvious.  A white cop decided to stop a poor black kid and then murder him “like an animal”.

There is no offsetting quote from the initial police report which states that Michael Brown was attempting to get the policeman’s gun.  The reality here is that none of us knows at this moment what really happened.  That is for the investigation and potential trial to determine.  Until then, any speculation by the press is professional dereliction, and any suggestions as to causality are purposely inflammatory, and in this case racially inflammatory.

What bigotry does one have to possess to neglect to inform the readers that the town of Ferguson is almost 70% black, and its neighboring city, Bellwood (where blacks rioted and burned down a convenience store) is 80% black?  Knowing those statistics, isn’t it reasonable to expect that police stops, searches and arrests would be overwhelmingly of blacks? 

Here’s another little fact that should have been thrown in by USA Today.  Following their logic, the vast majority of police departments in America are sexist.  76% of all arrests nationally are of males despite the fact that males only constitute 50.8% of the population.  This must be sexism and discrimination!

Rev. Al Sharpton

Rev. Al Sharpton

On the civil rights’ side, not wanting to miss the publicity, the Reverend Al Sharpton raced down to Ferguson to show his solidarity with the victim’s family and his solidarity with the larger community which wants justice.  But last weekend, Chicago witnessed 26 shootings and several deaths.  Why wasn’t Rev. Sharpton making a stop in Chicago?  Don’t those victims’ families deserve solidarity; doesn’t that community deserve justice?  In Chicago, the overwhelming number of victims are black – just like Michael Brown.  There are enough black shootings and deaths in Chicago for Rev. Sharpton and every other civil rights leader to make an appearance every day.  It would be a press conference bonanza.

But he won’t – they won’t – go there because those violent realities undermine their racist agenda, just as they do the racist agenda of USA Today.  In Chicago, the shootings are overwhelmingly blacks shooting other blacks.  The deaths are overwhelmingly blacks killed by other blacks.  That grim, miserable, social phenomenon doesn’t support the “black is victim, white is victimizer” agenda.

Here’s a nugget for USA Today; blacks have more to fear from other blacks than they do from whites, or cops of any ethnicity.  Blacks constitute 13% of the population but 50% of the homicide victims – 90% of whom are in fact killed by other blacks.  If you want to print crime statistics and really help a victim’s family and the wider community, then print the ones which give us some honest sense of where the problem actually lies and how we can solve it.

But there is the soft racism of lowered expectations.  Liberals don’t expect blacks to live up to the same sense of personal and community responsibility as whites.  On the Liberal plantation, blacks are forever ignorant, victims and incapable of rising above their personal situation.  So Liberals don’t think twice about higher black on black crime rates.  They don’t care about higher dropout rates or unwed motherhood.  They don’t give a damn about the carnage and fear in the inner city.  They only care about their agenda and maintaining their perspective.  In their minds, they’ve figured out what’s wrong with America – it’s whites out to get blacks – and they don’t want to be bothered or confronted by the facts.

no.racism.1Clearly, they won’t take kindly to these words written by a white Conservative who is appalled by the crime rate in the inner city.  Well perhaps they’ll take more kindly to Martin Luther King who pointed out as early as 1961 that “we can’t keep blaming the white man”.  I pray for the Brown family; I pray they will know the truth about what happened to their son whether it be an accident or a prosecutable crime.  But let’s allow them the dignity of finding the truth without inflaming their emotions just to grab a headline.

Gregory J. Welborn is a freelance writer and has spoken to several civic and religious organizations on cultural and moral issues.  He lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife and 3 children and is active in the community.  He can be reached [email protected]


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