Finally, the Supreme Court is taking up gun rights again




Editor’s Note: We don’t ordinarily applaud LA Times editorials,. but here’s one we can get behind …

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court granted review of a case involving the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. The case challenges a New York City 

law that prohibits transporting handguns, even licensed and unloaded ones, to places outside of the city, including to a second home or a shooting range.

For the last decade, the high court has been missing in action on the 2nd Amendment. In 2008, the court found, for the first time, that the 2nd Amendment recognizes an individual right to bear arms (District of Columbia vs. Heller). Two years later it ruled in McDonald vs. City of Chicago that the 2nd Amendment applied to city and state laws, not just federal ones.

Ever since, there has been deafening silence. Until this week, the Supreme Court has steadfastly refused to hear another gun control case, and liberal state and local governments have taken advantage of this judicial neglect to methodically chip away at gun rights

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