Find Walter – by Tim Pompey – A Book Review

Find Walter – By Tim Pompey

A book review by David Stewart

Book Description from Amazon:

Jan Kelvin works as a journalist for the New York City magazine Page, which specializes in covering literary news and trends. One morning, editor Joel Stein gives her a tough assignment: Locate and interview Walter Randolph, Pulitzer prize winning author of the book The River Flows Back. There’s only one problem. Randolph, last seen near his hometown of Runyan, Tennessee, has been missing for nearly twenty years.

For Jan, it’s the beginning of a long, strange journey, not only through Southern culture, but behind the curtain of a nefarious world of drugs, murder, and child abuse set against the beautiful backdrop of the Appalachian Mountains. Mafia. Cops. Hit men. Every day her quest becomes more personal and dangerous. How far will she go and what will she risk to find Walter?

Find Water is a great read,

This book is a different kind of mystery rich with culture clash.  New York City meets the deep south.  Definitely not a children’s book, there is sexually explicit content suitable for adults and done with taste and sensitivity.  The reader will bond with Jan Kelvin and root for her success through the whole book.  The ending will surprise you and then surprise you again.  Jan is thoroughly a born and bred Brooklyn girl who emerged from a very challenging childhood with a single mother more interested in herself than raising a daughter.  Jan has overcome her circumstances to become a moderately successful feature writer for a second tier literary magazine.   She is dispatched by her immensely annoying and self-centered editor to find a Pulitzer Prize winning novelist from Tennessee.   Heading down south, Jan and dives into the task without realizing that there are very real dangers surrounding the hunt for Walter Randolph.  She meets a few of his old friends and his mother and makes an alliance with a local who turns out to be Walter’s best childhood friend.  I won’t say any more about the story as much of the joy of reading a novel comes from the unfolding of the plot.  This book it is dense with American cultures and dark family secrets.

I highly recommend this book to all who enjoy reading good fiction and mysteries especially.

David Stewart is retired from tech industry and is now IT director for Citizens Journal, so not exactly as retired as he’d like to be.


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