First Make California Great Again/Ventura County meeting

Ventura rally coming March 4

By Michael Hernandez & Citizen Journalists


SIMI VALLEY- On Presidents Day, 2-20-17, exactly one month after the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as 45th President of the United States, the newly formed Make California Great Again organization held its own inaugural meeting, at the VFW Military Museum in Simi Valley. It featured a welcome and special presentation by venue host Matt Valenzuela.

Ventura County went for Hillary Clinton big in November, by about 40,000 votes. Trumpers were overwhelmed, but there are still a lot of them. “Make California Great Again” was recently formed as a non-profit to promote the Donald Trump agenda in CA, which might sound like a pretty tall order in the biggest blue state in the union. However, they are selecting some issues to work on which have broad support and some that have support via the national Trump agenda.

Inaugural meeting of Make California Great/Ventura County Div. on 2-20-17 at Military Museum in Simi Valley. Photo: Marc Langsam

The event was organized on very short notice and had only limited publicity. But even so, 36  showed up, including hard-core Trumpers and a few others, to see what would happen and perhaps influence/participate in directing this nascent movement.


Both a Christian conservative intellectual and a Citizen-activist publisher came together to establish a framework and “Set the Stage” for the 34 Ventura County Citizens and two guests attending:

Keynote- Eric Zehnder

Eric Zehnder, creator of the love meme highway and a Huntington Beach master builder, spoke on the deconstruction roots of the “language war” facing all Americans that goes back to the 19th century and Friedrich Nietzche, the German philosopher whose writings became associated with Fascism and Nazism.

Eric Zehnder speaking at Make California Great/Ventura County Div. on 2-20-17 at Military Museum in Simi Valley. Photo: Marc Langsam

“This war we face is not over words but the definition of words.  We are fighting for the language used,” said Zehnder.  “We today are in the tilted billiards society.  The balls are only in two pockets:  the pocket of big government and the pocket of big money.  We are the ones squeezed in the middle.”

“The Progressives are good at the language war.  They see everyone as either true believers (in their cause) or as infidels.  They are 100 percent right and we are 100 percent wrong.  Their common ideology is deconstructionism.”

“What we are facing today is either love, law, or lawlessness.  Love is not laws.  We need to go outside ourselves and take care of others.   We need to take care of our nation.”

Zehnder, has created the love memes highway (photos with original sayings) so that citizens can receive and repost a message of love for America during this month.  One of his clients is Make California Great Again.  His work can be viewed on the internet at: which is labeled as a social platform for global change providing transformation through inspiration.


Promoting Citizens Journalism

George Miller, co-founder of CitizensJournal.US, “Ventura County’s REAL news,” opened his non-political talk on “media distortion” by asking this question:  “Are you frustrated by the inaccuracies, distortions and outright lies of the so-called “Mainstream Media” and their proven “Fake News?  Do you marvel at their utter arrogance, sloppiness, lack of ethics and apparent collusion among themselves to bring you their alternate reality every news cycle?”

Miller spoke on the advent of Citizens Journalism:  “In recent years, increasing frustration of Citizens with the so-called Fourth Estate, as well as the technology of the Internet, live streaming and cell phone technology have given rise to what we call Citizen Journalism, which fits somewhere between alternative media and blogs.”

“It took us six months of brainstorming, research, prototyping and development to get off the ground until we printed our first edition on June 21, 2013 (with some help from a nonprofit called History Makers).   Yes, I said printed as in hard copy.  We created about 1,800 16-page copies off a Hewlett Packard printer, stapled them together and gave them out to everyone who would take the Citizens Journal.”

“We quickly found out why newspapers are mostly going broke.  It costs a fortune for layout, print and distribution of newspapers.  We almost immediately dropped the print edition, because it’s way cheaper to do it online” – see www.CitizensJournal.US) which now has over 15,000 viewers.

He said they try to keep the news articles as objective as possible, but not the editorials and columns. “We’ll take anything that’s legal, reasonably coherent and let them compete in the marketplace of ideas,” he remarked.

“We’re always looking for more Citizen Journalists, advertisers, donors and promoters for our publication.  Check us out online and sign-up free on the web or on Facebook.”


Other Activities

The rest of the Make Ventura County Great Again agenda revolved around reports given by:   Gloria Chinea and Deborah Baber of POV (Point Of View- Port Hueneme, Oxnard, Ventura); Nancy Wofford of the Simi Valley Republican Women Federated; Don Otto of the Ventura County Conservative Action Alliance and Mike Hernandez of History Makers, International as well as a report from Jo Reitkopp (Los Angeles/Long Beach) of Make California Great Again.


Don Otto

Long time Republican political operative Don Otto has been instrumental in advising and aiding the Conservative movement in the County. He sees himself as guiding the successors to the Tea Party movement into more sophisticated political action, including electoral action. At the meeting, he mentioned the importance of placing people in office who share the group’s goals. Otherwise, he said, it’s all just talk. He stressed that Liberals are not only in control of the Democratic Party, but much of the Republican Party. As an example, he gave his own  city, where this meeting was held. Simi Valley, he told the group, has  a City Council of five Republicans, but three are Liberals and only two are Conservatives. So guess what prevails? he says the group should focus on accomplishing things locally which they might be able to control, like putting people in office and exerting leadership on key target issues.

Don Otto, Simi Valley local businessman & political operative speaks at Make California Great Again/Ventura County meeting. Photo: Marc Langsam

Gloria Massey-Chinea

Gloria Massey-Chinea, a Puerto Rican born proud U.S. Citizen, she reminded us, announced the formation of the “POV” (Point of View- Port Hueneme- Oxnard-Ventura group of Conservatives, who apparently are all Trump supporters as well. They have already held two meetings and are already working on their agenda. Massey-Chinea was there with her Cuban-born, US naturalized husband, Rolando, a retired aerospace/defense engineer.

Gloria Chinea, of Oxnard, Chair of POV (Point of View) addresses MCGA/VC meeting in Simi, 2-20-17. Photo: Marc Langsam


Debra Baber-Savalla is very enthusiastic about the opportunity afforded by the Trump victory to break the cycle of Progreessive ideology being imposed. She goes out of her way to wear striking Trump-themed clothing, which she says prompts many conversations with people pro and con and brings Trump supporters out of the closet. She says it’s a good way to collect information. She’s also with Jewish Women for Trump.

Deborah Baber-Savalla addresses MCGA/VC meeting in Simi, 2-20-17. Photo: Marc Langsam

Nancy Wofford is a Docent at the Reagan Library, as well as President of the Simi-Moorpark Republican Women Federated. One of her causes is to “reach out and grab youth or get through the Universities telling them, horrible things.  They’re not American anymore- they’re something else. We need leaders. She was referring to the indoctrination of young people by universities in what she maintains are un-American values. She said “if we took back California (electorally), the Democrats would never win again.” She also plugged and encouraged participation in the Election Integrity Project, which addresses voter fraud, which she says is as serious problem.

Jo Reitkopp (Los Angeles/Long Beach) of Make California Great Again, said protesters are reacting to media lies and that grassroots people are on fire since the election of Trump, She sees her mission as going into communities to ascertain their problems/needs and address them. She is especially concerned about the homeless and outraged that funds are being expended for “sanctuary cities” and funds for defending illegal aliens instead of them. Cleaning up voter rolls also popped up on her radar as needing major attention.

Jo Reitkopp addresses MCGA/VC meeting in Simi, 2-20-17. Photo: Marc Langsam

Lea Dowell Williams challenged attendees to participate in the Spirit of America rallies -Simi Valley rally held Feb. 25 attracted 80; Ventura rally to be held at the intersection of Main and Mills on March 4th from 1-3 p.m. by Lea Williams, former 2016 Deputy Central California Field Director for the Trump Campaign and Ventura County Captain for Californians for Trump, who opened and closed the President’s Day meeting.

Lea Dowell Williams addresses MCGA/VC meeting in Simi, 2-20-17. Photo: Marc Langsam


Michael Hernandez addresses MCGA/VC meeting in Simi, 2-20-17. Photo: Marc Langsam

What might be most surprising and very much countering the talking points of media and opposition, was the makeup of the crowd. Women were once again in the majority, which we have seen time and time again in county Trump events. In fact, the Trump County and Oxnard coordinators were both women, The head of the largest Republican group in the county (800 people), which has many, many Trump supporters, is a woman. Several of the speakers were women. Also evident was the strong Latino presence/support. There were people of Mexican, Cuban and Puerto Rican ancestry, some apparently native born.  There were Christians, Jews, even some atheists/agnostics. It just throws all the media stereotypes about Trump supporters out the window.

But getting past the demographics, which the left loves to dwell upon to divide people, there were no apparent gender or racial gaps in the shared values expressed by speakers and attendees alike.

Attendees were very happy and relieved that Trump beat all of the popular “odds” to win. They felt blessed to even be having this meeting to begin implementing the agenda of a candidate widely predicted to drop out early in the Presidential race. Instead, he picked off 16 Republican opponents, one-by-one, some very well, known, popular and powerful. Then he faced down Hillary Clinton, who he “improbably” also dispatched, while chopping her up into mincemeat during the nastiest campaign  (both sides) anyone alive has seen. It is unprecedented for anyone to ever win this office who wasn’t a longtime professional politician or a military hero, let alone someone so very controversial and bitterly opposed.

A year ago, the Conservative movement in Ventura County was moribund, out of power, depressed and losing ground. All statewide offices have been held by Democrats since 2010, along with an overwhelming majority of Congressional and local offices in the county. But the Trump victory has breathed new life into the local Conservative movement, not because Trump is all that Conservative, but he supports a  number of positions on issues they can get behind and is providing strong leadership and energy.


Thanks to Photography “Czar” Marc Langsam, for the pix!

Spirit of America rallies

Spirit of America rallies

Citizens to Gather in Support of America-First Policy Main Street Patriots are proud to announce the Nationwide Spirit of America Rallies to be held in cities and towns across the nation in support of President Trump. These Spirit of America Rallies, will be attended by the same cross section of Americans that propelled President Trump […]

(Editor’s Note:  Mr. Hernandez is dedicating himself to advance the 13 spheres; developing an interactive California citizens news platform as an alternative to mainstream media; while building local school-community partnerships.)

Michael Hernandez, Co-Founder of the Citizens Journal—Ventura County’s online news service, founder of History Makers International, is a former Southern California daily newspaper journalist and religion and news editor. Mr. Hernandez can be contacted by email: [email protected].

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