Five Biggest Mistakes Indie Authors Make Launching a Book– How to Avoid Them IWOSC/SPAWN meeting Aug 16, Newbury Park


Wednesday, August 16, 6:30 pm

Come join us at the Newbury Park Library meeting room. We are open to all authors, writers, and people curious about publishing.
Fee is $5 at the door, includes coffee, tea and water.
Please RSVP so we have the correct number of chairs set up. 

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Nine years ago, Kathleen Kaiser published her own novel and made mistakes in marketing the book. With 40 years of publicity experience, she realized she approached her book release as a writer and had forgot to change hats and become a marketer. So she decided it was time to learn more about book marketing.

She met and corresponded with top PR experts in publishing. She joined groups. She turned those learning points into actions by helping many authors launch their first or latest book as their marketing advisor and publicist. Kathleen has seen first hand when books are on a professional schedule that utilizes a strategic plan and succeeds, and when writers leap to get their book out and make all the mistakes that hinder sales.

Using examples from her own experience as a author and work with clients, Kathleen will go through the Five Biggest Mistakes Indie Authors Make When Launching a New Book and How to Avoid Them. 

“Most of these mistakes are easy to prevent,” said Kaiser. “Why spend months or years writing, and then launch the book out into the world without the proper support for success? I will go step-by-step through each problem and show a variety of ways to avoid becoming a victim of poor marketing decisions.

“In my work with SPAWN, I received emails and phone calls from writers around the country looking for direction. Way too often they have all made the same mistakes.”

And she’ll take your questions to see if she can help.

Learn more about Kathleen Sexton Kaiser
Please remember to come early. We must be out of the building before 8 PM

New Location 
Newbury Park Library
2331 Borchard Road
Newbury Park, CA 91320
(inside the shopping center at the corner of Michael and Borchard, just south of Hwy 101)

IWOSC and SPAWN are California nonprofits. Learn more about each organization at:  or

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