Former Moorpark Resident–Author Tom Baldwin: A Pictorial of the Utah hillsides

By Tom Baldwn

I like to go up Cedar Mountain which is east of our home. In the space of four or five miles horizontally, you rise about a mile vertically to over ten thousand feet. It is mid July down where I live, hot and windy. Up there the air is cool and fresh and the vistas just go on forever.

On top of Cedar Mountain the last of the snow has been gone for only a month to six weeks and so its spring up there. Flowers are in bloom. On two recent trips up there I took my camera to photograph the wild flowers. Here is a sample of the pictures I took and sorry, but I do not know the names of the flowers, just that they are pretty.

None of the pictures have been enhanced in any way. No colors have been changed like so much of the stuff you find on the internet. I like things the way God made them. A few I cropped, but that is all.

Mountain spring flowers 022high on the mountain top 041Mountain spring flowers 018Spring flowers 2015 009Spring flowers 2015 045Mountain spring flowers 035high on the mountain top 063Spring flowers 2015 064high on the mountain top 052high on the mountain top 004



firestormsTom Baldwin is a former Moorpark resident where he served his community on the school board.  He moved with his family to Cedar City Utah and is an accomplished writer.

Firestorms:  Personal demons, crooked cops, interdepartmental rivalries, and incompetent leadership stand in Officer Ethan Bainbridge’s way while the city burns around him, set ablaze by a narco-terrorist.  Bainbridge must stop him before all is lost.  You can read more on Amazon: HERE

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