Former Moorpark Resident–Author Tom Baldwin: A Walk Through Autumn

For those of us who live in Ventura County this seasonal change brings the dreaded Santa Ana winds with its threat of wildfires and terrible carnage in their wake.  Yet in other parts of our beautiful country autumn wears a gentle glory to give us a reminder there is much to cherish as nature prepares for her winter’s sleep. Come along with author Tom Baldwin as once again he takes his camera and goes walking through the season to capture all that loveliness before it vanishes to be replaced with a blanket of snow.

From Tom Baldwin:

It is the colors that make fall so special.  When I saw the many bright colors of this tree I knew I had to have a picture.  On the east coast it seems the tress change from green to say yellow then fall.  Here they go through multiple colors on the same tree before falling.


You never can tell where you will find an outhouse.  I’ll bet the seat in this one gets cold at night.

I liked this view over the fence and into the forest.  I cropped it especially so it would make a nice background for your laptop.  All the icons to the left and the look into the glade on the right.

The sheep are brought to the high country to graze, during the summer, but when fall comes they are brought down off the mountain becasue the high country (about 10,000 feet of elevation) gets about 10 feet of snow up there.  The whole area is abandoned till spring.

This is also at Cedar Breaks.  Aspens mixed with evergreens.  The Aspens change, the evergreens don’t giving a nice contrast.

I drove up to Cedar Breaks National Monument and the wind was blowing and the clouds right on the deck.  The clouds were patchy and I found myself in a clear area but looking between the trees could see where the next hill was being covered by a cloud.  I liked the scene an.d took the picture which turned out to be one of my favorites.


firestormsTom Baldwin is a former Moorpark resident where he served his community on the school board.  He moved with his family to Cedar City Utah and is an accomplished writer.

Firestorms:  Personal demons, crooked cops, interdepartmental rivalries, and incompetent leadership stand in Officer Ethan Bainbridge’s way while the city burns around him, set ablaze by a narco-terrorist.  Bainbridge must stop him before all is lost.  You can read more on Amazon: HERE


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