Former Moorpark Resident–Author Tom Baldwin: A Pictorial of Utah’s Cedar Breaks National Monument

By Tom Baldwn

It is hot where we live but up on the top of the nearby Colorado Plateau at an elevation of 10,300 feet it’s still spring. I went up and took pictures about 15 miles from where I live. The drive is a little farther because the road snakes its way up to the top. It’s a rise in elevation of about a mile from that of my home. Pictures were all taken in the Cedar Breaks National Monument this past weekend on July 7th and 8th . I do not know the names of the wildflowers, just that they are beautiful.

The monument is at an elevation of about 10,300 feet so spring is just coming to that altitude. I even saw some snow that was not yet melted. It is beautiful country as you can see below, but is only open to the public from May until the snow starts in the fall. They get over ten feet of snow and the roads in the monument are all closed for the winter. Also it is so much cooler during the summer. On the 7th it was close to 100 degrees that day in Cedar City, when I went up the mountain the temp dropped to 53 degrees and raining at the top. 

Cedar Breaks is also known for being one of the best places for star gazing in the National Parks system. At 10,300 feet altitude, and no nearby cities of any size, the night sky is spectacular. The park service offers regular star parities throughout the summer. Also as you can see in the pictures once you get up to the top it is pretty flat country. This makes for a big sky for those star gazers.

Editor’s Note: Now let us go up to the mountain top and enjoy the view with Mr. Baldwin:


firestormsTom Baldwin is a former Moorpark resident where he served his community on the school board.  He moved with his family to Cedar City Utah and is an accomplished writer.

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